If you’re even remotely interested in online gambling, you’ve probably seen dozens, if not hundreds of casinos offering their new and existing players free spins. Whether you have to deposit to get them or they are given to you simply for signing up, free spins promotions seem to be among the favorite advertising strategies for gambling sites.

For those who have been wondering what these are all about, we’ve decided to dig under the surface and bring you some interesting facts about these deals so that you’d know exactly what to expect.

No Deposit Free Spins

Whenever something is given to you for free, there is hardly a reason to refuse it. Unless you oppose gambling in general, which begs the question why you’d be looking at online casinos at all, free spins are probably one of the best things you can get. It is really something for nothing, or as close as you can get to it.

Usually, the only requirement to get no deposit free spins is to sign up with a casino, which means you’ll need to give them your email address, name, and surname at the very least. Although you may be tempted to give wrong information so they wouldn’t bother you with their future promotions, don’t do this. In the event you happen to win, the casino will ask to confirm your identity and if you can’t do this, you can kiss your winnings goodbye.

But other than some basic info, the casino won’t ask anything else, i.e. players aren’t required to deposit or even share their credit card information. Simply put, you’ll get some free spins to play on one or a few slots and whatever you win is yours to keep.

What’s the Catch?

Although there isn’t catch as such, in that you’ll really get your free spins winnings credited to your account, the next step isn’t to take the money and run (which you could do if you played with your own money). Instead, no deposit free spins come with wagering requirements, so you’ll be required to use the money to play with until you have cleared the wagering.

Wagering requirements are usually shown as the total number of times you need to stake the winnings before you’re allowed to withdraw. For example, if wagering is 50x and you won $20, you’ll need to place a total of $1,000 in wagers to clear the money. Of course, along the way, you might also win some extra money, and that will be yours to keep as well.

However, no deposit free spins won’t make you a millionaire, even if you catch an extremely lucky run. That’s because there is usually a cap on winnings you can cash out, and that’s most often around $100 mark.

Final Verdict: Take Them or Not?

There is no real downside to taking as many free spins as you can, provided you have enough time and find the chase entertaining. Of course, you will have to sign up with a few online casinos and they will be sending you their offers, so if you feel like the temptation might be too much, don’t go too crazy.

Other than this, free spins offer some real value, albeit not huge, and the idea of trying to turn nothing into some actual cash you get to spend can be an interesting challenge.

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