Sticky bonuses explained

Sticky Bonus: To Stick or Not to Stick?

A sticky bonus is a bonus that is credited to a player’s account to help boost the bankroll. Its main purpose is to make it easier for new players to explore the casino and play as much as possible, and they serve that function very well. The funds are never actually money for the player outside of the casino context, so they are never a cost to the casino. That means it is easier for casinos to give larger amounts to their players, since there is a guarantee that the entire amount will be put back into the casino. From the player’s perspective, sticky bonuses basically provide more casino fun without paying extra; a win-win in most cases.

What is a Sticky Bonus?

Sticky bonuses are a common variation of casino bonuses, such as loyalty bonuses and deposit bonuses. They are gained and credited to the account just as every other type of bonus is, but where they are different is that the bonus funds ‘Stick’ to the player’s account, never to be transferred out of the casino.

‘Sticking’ means that the bonus money will stay with the casino after the bonus period has come to an end. Players can bet with the money, and they can even achieve wins of all sizes, but they are never free to take the sticky bonus for themselves.

Sticky Bonuses are great for players of all kinds, because as we’ve already said, the extra money makes it easier to achieve winnings. Some players get very creative with how they use these types of bonuses and they play in ways that maximize their RTP potentials. By following a conservative betting plan, players are able to see winnings that they can keep from sticky bonuses.

Advantages & Disadvantages

There are several advantages to sticky bonuses. The most obvious is the immediate bankroll boost. Not only does that make it possible to play for longer periods, but it also allows players into games that have buy-ins higher than they normally feel comfortable with.

A disadvantage is that sticky bonuses can dupe an amateur player into thinking that he or she should be making larger bets than they normally would. One of the first things that pros will tell you when it comes to self-discipline is that just because you can make a bet doesn’t mean that you always should. The larger bankroll has a psychological effect that leads many players away from their usual approach. If they are not careful, their adopted play style can continue even after the bonus money has been used up.

Sticky Bonuses Explained
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