Free spins are, beyond a shadow of the doubt, one of the most powerful and attractive marketing tools used by online casinos. Whenever there is the word „free“ in the name for something, it usually attracts customers, but it often also makes them weary as it is hard to believe there is really something you can get for nothing.

Free spins at online casinos are no exception to these rules. People like these promos and go after them, but there are also those who prefer to stay away because they don’t believe the marketing hype and they think it a rouse to get them to spend their own money.

To say there is no some truth to this line of thinking would be incorrect, but some tend to see monsters where there are none as well. This short article will try to shed a bit more light on casino free spins and explain exactly what they are.

Truly FREE Free spins

The only kind of really free spins are those offered with no conditions. These are no deposit free spins given out when a player signs up for a new casino. The only thing you’ll need to give up is some of your personal details, but you won’t be asked for any money or to share your credit card details. These offers, as you’d expect, aren’t as big and the value of no deposit free spins is usually just a few dollars.

If you claim these spins and proceed to win some money, there will be wagering attached to your winnings, meaning you’ll have to play for a while before you’re allowed to withdraw. Also, there is usually a cap as to how much you can win, so the most you can expect to get is $50 or $100. That said, these are truly free spins that involve no financial risk whatsoever.

Deposit Free Spins

Casinos often offer cash bonuses that also come with a certain number of free spins. This means that on top of the bonus amount, whatever it may be, you’ll get an extra number of free spins to play on a particular slot and group of slots, and whatever you win will be added to your bonus amount.

These aren’t really free, as you do need to put some of your own money on the line and that’s why some casinos, under the pressure from the regulators, have started calling them “extra” spins to make the name clearer.

Usually, the number of deposit free spins is greater than what you get with no deposit, but their value is still around $10 or so. On the flip side, you can usually claim these whether you deposit the bare minimum or the absolute maximum. For players depositing a small amount, these can thus be a nice boost.

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Enjoy Your Free Money

Now that you have a slightly better understanding of how free spins work, you’ll hopefully be able to take advantage of some of these truly free offers. There is hardly ever a reason to refuse no deposit free spins if you enjoy an occasional punt as it is. It is your chance to win something with no risk involved.

On the other hand, deposit free spins aren’t all that valuable but can be a nice boost for a low-roller. If you’re depositing $10 or thereabouts, why not add a bit of extra value to your bankroll? Plus, you never know with free spins – you might end up triggering a bonus and winning big. Unlike with no deposit free spins, most casinos won’t cap your winnings here, so if Lady Luck is by your side, you could go far.

Understanding Free Spins: Pros & Cons of Free Spins on Offer
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