Truth about roulette winning systems: Are they legit or a scam?

Despite the fact that it’s an unquestionable fact that roulette is a game of luck and chance, many people are looking to find roulette systems that will guarantee 100% winning chances for them. Well, we’ll reveal to you right from the beginning that there is no such thing as a foolproof roulette winning system.

Many websites and so-called roulette experts will claim to possess knowledge that can enhance your winning chances in such a grandiose way that you’ll be winning all the time. Check out this article to learn which the most common roulette myths are scammers use to rip off your hard-earned money.

Roulette Winning Systems Scams

Roulette Systems

The Roulette Sniper System. This roulette system uses a software that you can purchase online. It claims to analyze several games of online roulette and reveal to you which are the best bets to make. All you need to know is that this system is a complete scam, because in roulette, there is no way to predict the result of the next spin, since a previous spin doesn’t influence the results of a new spin.

Andruchi Roulette System. This system claims that you should only bet Red or Black, and after each loss, double your bet. This betting system is a much debated subject in the online roulette scene, but it has no mathematical basis. If you bet double after a loss, you might end up losing everything in a short notice.

Roulette Killer System. This is another software sold on the internet that claims to predict the outcome of the next spins taking in consideration the results of the previous 10 spins. Many people have fallen for it, and many have lost fortunes because of this. Like stated previously, there is absolutely no way to predict the result of a next spin.

Roulette Flaw System. Yet another software sold on the internet that claims to have been developed by a former casino software programmer. The software claims to use a system that exploits supposed flaws in the casino software to predict the result of the next spin. Like the other, this as well is a blatant scam.


Remember: Every website that requires you to pay money to receive a roulette winning system is a scam, no matter what people claim. There is no system on the planet that can guarantee you instant winnings.
Roulette Winning Systems Scams

Legit Roulette Winning Systems

There are still systems or strategies that can enhance your winning chances, but like mentioned previously, they will never assure 100% winning odds. These roulette strategies have more to do with a correct money management and betting tactics, than with any miraculous systems that will turn you into a millionaire overnight.

Bankroll management. The first thing to remember is to always set an amount of money for each time you play. This money needs to be big enough to allow you to play several games, but small enough so that you won’t feel bad if you use all of it.

Lower stakes. Also, it’s recommended betting a relatively low amount of money on each spin, so that you’ll be able to play more games than the usual. Playing more games is the best strategy to increase your winning chances, even though you might not win that much money.

Place the right type of bets. Placing the correct bets is also essential. As you probably know, in roulette, there are bets that offer you bigger winning chances than others. These are the so-called Outside Bets that should always be preferred over the Inside Bets. Check out our roulette odds guide for more information.

Remember never to fall victim to a roulette system scam, and just follow the advices given in this article. You should also read our other roulette game guides to learn about additional legit and proven ways to increase your winning chances.

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