The Ultimate Roulette Guide

Roulette is a classic casino game that enjoys a lot of fame and popularity. It comes in three versions, specifically American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette. Each form has its unique gameplay, but all are action-packed, fun, and a certain pleasure to play.

The origins of roulette can be found in the late 18th century France. The first place it was played was Paris, but the game quickly conquered every casino on the continent. It enjoyed enormous success in Europe, but there are also a lot of American casinos where it can be played. Roulette became an all-time classic in the European gaming paradise Monte Carlo, where it was crowned as “The King of Casino Games”.

Once considered the game only the elite of society played, during the 20th century Roulette made its way all around the world. By the dawn of the new millennium, it was played in hundreds of casinos worldwide.

Playing Roulette Over the Internet

Roulette can also be played in online casinos both with real money and play money. Computer programs are these days easily able to replicate the gameplay and winning probabilities of real life roulette games. Likewise, online casinos are able to recreate and imitate the atmosphere present in land-based casinos.

Playing roulette over the internet is more convenient than playing the game in a brick-and-mortar casino. In online roulette, players won’t have to leave their homes and will have the opportunity to play during any time of the day.

Online roulette became popular because it involves considerably less costs than live-casino roulette but promises the same kind of returns and winnings. This is because online roulette players don’t have to support the travel and accommodation costs related to real life brick-and-mortar casinos.

Internet roulette is also much faster than its real life counterpart. This is because in online roulette players are not required to wait out the bets placed by other players at a roulette table. After a player places a bet at an online roulette table, the results will be generated almost instantaneously.

How Does Roulette Work?

How does Roulette Work?

A roulette table is divided into two parts which are the wheel and the numbered platform. Depending on the variant, the wheel and the platform have either 37 or 38 numbered fields. The numbers on the table are either red or black.

The objective of the game is to predict where the roulette ball, which has been spun on the outside of the wheel, will come to a rest. Players will have the opportunity to bet on various predictions before the ball is spun, such as the exact number the ball will land on, the color of the number, and more.

Players will be paid out if their prediction turns out to be correct. The payout will depend on the type of the bet chosen. Each roulette bet has distinct payout percentages which are based on the odds related to the respective bet. Riskier bets will pay out much more money than safer bets.

Depending on the variant, a roulette table and wheel either has one or two “zero” pockets. If the roulette ball lands on a “zero” pocket, then the player will lose his or her bet. The “zero” pocket is in place to offer the casino a winning edge over the long run.

Can Roulette be Beaten? – Is it Possible to Generate Guaranteed Winnings?

By design, roulette is a game that cannot be beaten using any strategy. The existence of the “zero” pocket is in place to ensure that over a long period of time and after a large number of rounds played, the casino will always manage to generate profits.

For example, let’s take the simplest bet, “red or black”. Players often believe that the winning chance related to this bet is 50%. This however is not true considering the presence of the “zero” pocket. In reality, the winning odds are only 48.64% or 47.36% – depending if one or two “zero” pockets are present.

This means that over many rounds played, the casino will always win on slightly more occasions than the player because the roulette ball will occasionally land on the “zero” pocket. So based on this, it becomes evident that there’s no strategy and system that could “beat the system” and ensure guaranteed success.

Individual Odds vs. Collective Odds

However, the above statement has nothing to do with short or medium term (and even long term) success of individual players. Players may as well correctly predict their bet 10 or more times in a row. The 48.64% or 47.36% (in case of “odd or even” bets) are only achieved after an extended period of time involving several thousand rounds played.

This is why despite the fact that some players manage to win extremely large amounts of money, at the end of the day the casino still manages to generate profits. In short, individual players may very well win large amounts. But combining each bet placed and every round played by every single player collectively, more money will be lost by players than money paid out by the casino.

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