Parachute bonuses explained

“Lifeline” / “Parachute” Bonus to the Rescue

While the traditional bonus that online casinos give is of the “Sticky” variety, meaning players can never actually withdraw the bonus money, another type of bonus is becoming very common these days. Casinos are finally beginning to give their players the chance to take out some of their winnings before the whole wagering requirement has been fulfilled, and players are ecstatic about it.

How Is A Lifeline Bonus Different From Its Sticky Cousin?

In short, there is less upfront commitment to the bonus money, and that means you get to walk home with your wins immediately. It may sound too good to be true, but here’s how it works. When you are playing with a sticky bonus, your deposit gets tied together with the bonus money. When that happens, your money and the bonus money become one sum that must adhere to the same rules of play. Depending on the Terms and Conditions of the particular casino that the sticky bonus comes from, players may have to bet the money up to 50 times.

On Lifeline Bonuses, your money is yours and you can continue to reap the benefits from your wins for as long as you can keep your initial deposit. The wagering requirements and betting limitations only come in once the player’s money is gone and the lifeline bonus comes in to play. Once the lifeline bonus begins, it behaves in the same way as the traditional bonuses that we all know and love.


Common Deposit Bonus Terms & Conditions

Since the very nature of the lifeline bonus is to provide a backup once the player’s money has been depleted, players can be a bit braver when they see an opportunity that looks good to them. Players can also spend more time on games where betting strategies that increase the longevity of the bankroll can be used.

Say, for example, you are playing at a sportsbook and you see a matchup with an awesome payoff, but a not-so-awesome odds profile. If you are playing with a lifeline bonus sitting in your back pocket you don’t have to worry so much about taking a calculated risk. You know that if you win, you’ll get to take your money out immediately, but if you lose it’s really not a big deal because you still have money to play with.

Another approach – one for the less brazen – would be to play at a table game or a slot machine with a high RTP and low cost. That way, the bankroll lasts a long time and the player gets more opportunities for some decent wins with their own money.

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Parachute Bonuses Explained
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