Online Casino Frequently Asked Questions

Are you new to playing casino online, or do you want to learn more about how it works? Find answers to all of your questions in our extensive online casino FAQ that covers everything from casino licences to the games themselves.

Online Casino FAQ

Deposit bonuses and free spins

Everything you need to know about casino bonuses and free spins.

What is a deposit bonus?

A deposit bonus increases your account balance by adding bonus money to your deposit. For example, a casino may offer you 100% extra on your first deposit, which means that if you deposit €100 you will get another €100 on top, making your total playing balance €200.

Should I play with a deposit bonus?
In general, you should always claim a bonus when it’s available, but it also depends on its terms and conditions and wagering requirements. A bonus increases your chances of ending your playing session with a profit, as a bigger balance leads to more spins to hit a big win with.
How do I claim a deposit bonus?
There are three common ways to activate a deposit bonus. The most common way is by activating it from a list or menu on the deposit page. Once you’ve made your deposit, the bonus will be added to the balance. On some casinos, the bonuses are added automatically, but mostly on sites that have “parachute bonuses” where the bonus doesn’t activate until you have lost your real money deposit. The third way is by activating a bonus code that you can find on a bonus page or on the deposit page.
What are free spins?

Casinos also often offer free spins on your deposit. Most of the time the set amount of free spins are added in a specific game (for example Starburst), and are worth anything between €0.10 to €1. On some casinos, simply opening the specific game will activate the free spins, while on some you need to activate it yourself on a bonus page. Winnings from Free spins can either be credited as real money, or added to your bonus balance with a wagering requirement attached to it.

There are also many online casinos that offer free spins upon signup that doesn’t require any deposit from the player.

What are wagering requirements?

If you’ve claimed a deposit bonus or free spins, they often have a wagering requirement attached to them. Wagering simply means how much you need to wager before the bonus and the winnings made from the it are turned into withdrawable cash. If you have a bonus of €100 and the wagering requirement is x30, you need to wager €3000 before you can withdraw the money. That might sound like a lot, but due to the high RTP of most slots, spinning a few thousand spins on €1 stake is very doable without losing everything if you can secure some big wins.

There are a few ways bonus balances can be structured. On some casinos, your deposit and the bonus is combined to one balance, and you need to wager the bonus before you can make any withdrawal – even your initial deposit. The other most common way is that the bonus doesn’t activate before you have lost your deposit, which means that you can withdraw your deposit and wins as long as you haven’t gone below your deposit amount. This bonus structure is very advantageous, as the bonus works as a “parachute” that only comes into play after you’ve lost your own investment.

Which terms and conditions should I know about?

In addition to the wagering requirements, there are a few more terms and conditions that are important to know about:

– Max betting limit: most casinos have a limit on how big you can bet while on a bonus balance. This can for example be €4 per spin on a slot machine. If you bet more than the limit, you risk having your bonus and the wins generated from it confiscated.

– Restricted games: some games are restricted for play with a bonus on some sites. These are generally games that can be abused by players while on a bonus balance, and you will find a list of the games in the bonus terms.

– Wagering percentage: not all games counts the same towards the wagering requirements. Most of the time, slots count 100%, meaning that if you wager €100 on a slot machine, €100 is decreased on your wagering. But low volatility games such as Blackjack and Roulette often doesn’t count for more than 10%, meaning that if you bet €100, only €10 counts towards the wagering.


Whenever you choose to claim a deposit bonus, it’s important to read through the terms and conditions attached to it.

Deposits and withdrawals

Questions regarding deposits and withdrawals in online casinos.

How do I make a deposit?

Once you’ve registered an account at the casino, you’ll find a deposit page with many different payment methods for deposits:

– Credit card: enter your card details to deposit straight from your card

– E-wallets: if you have an e-wallet such as Skrill or Neteller, you can use them to deposit with.

– Bank transfer: some casinos let you send money from your bank to the casino, but note that it in some cases it can take a few bank days before the money is added to your player account.

How do I make a withdrawal?
You can withdraw using the same method you deposited with. The most common way is by bank transfer, or by e-wallet which is instantly available in your e-wallet account once the withdrawal has been processed by the casino’s payment team.
What is account verification with documents?

The casinos are required by law to verify your identity after your total withdrawals have reached a certain threshold. You may receive an email from the casino any time requesting the following documents in order to have your account verified:

– Credit card: a scan or picture of both sides of the card you have deposited with. The casinos ask you to cover the three security numbers on the backside of your card, but the rest of the details should be clearly visible.

– ID: passport or other valid identification

– Utility bill: a bill or official document that confirms your address, that is not older than 1 to 3 months

– Bank statement: in some cases, the casino might request a statement taken from your bank account that shows a deposit being made to the casino.

It is completely safe to send these documents to verified casinos, as they encrypt the documents so that it’s impossible for anyone to get access to your private information.

Online casino security and fairness

One of the most important aspects with online casino is trust towards the operator.

How can I be sure that my private information is safe?
Licenced casinos take privacy extremely seriously, and your privacy is secured by using encryption and secured servers. This includes your information such as name, address and email address, as well as your identification document that you might be required to send in in order to get your withdrawal.
Which permissions do the casinos need to operate?

Most mainstream casinos are licenced in Malta, where a government-controlled organ called MGA is tasked with making sure the casino follows their rules. This includes handling information, paying out wins and following responsible gaming guidelines. Serious breaches of these guidelines can cause the casinos to lose their licence, in which case they can no longer operate.

How can I know that the games are fair, and not “rigged”?
One of the MGA guidelines is that the games are completely random. The games are tested and accepted by MGA, and the casino operators do not have direct control of how the games work. On many slots you can find information about its RTP, and the operators cannot affect this in any way.

Casino Strategies

Here we explain the most common casino strategies and the different terms used by professional gamblers.

What is Edge Sorting?

Edge Sorting is a technique used by gamblers to get an advantage over casinos in table games such as Baccarat or Blackjack. Gamblers are able to determine if a faced down playing card is likely to be low or high by exploiting the fact that the pattern on the back side of certain playing cards differs, depending on the suit.

This technique has been used most famously by Phil Ivey when he won $9.6 million playing baccarat at the Borgata casino in Atlantic City.

Video Slots

Everything you want to ask about video slots is answered in this section.

Which slots should I play?
There are thousands of slots from a ton of providers on the market, and what you want to play simply comes down to your taste. Some of the most famous game providers are Netent, Microgaming, WMS, Novomatic, and Play N Go. The most important part is that you enjoy it, and that the slot as a decent RTP.
What is RTP and volatility?

When picking slots to play, there are especially two things you should know about:

RTP: This is the theoretical Return To Player. Most slots have an RTP of 95 – 98%, meaning that you are expected to win back 95 – 98% of your bets over the course of billions of spins. Naturally, since your playing sessions are much shorter, you can have an RTP of 20% or 200% over a short period.

Volatility: A slot’s volatility decides how big the slot can pay out, and how often it does it. A low volatility slot can for example “only” pay out a win of 200 times your bet size, but wins of that size happen fairly frequently. A high volatility slot can for example pay out a win of 2000 times your wager, but the chances of it happening are very low. There are also medium volatility slots which are a good middle ground.

How do I play slots?
To play a slot machine, simply click on one you’d like to try out to open it. Choose a bet size that you are comfortable to spin with, and click on the spin button to get going. Most machines also let you activate auto spins, so that you don’t need to click on the spin button for each spin.

Table Games

Answers to all your questions regarding Roulette, Blackjack, Texas Holdem and more.

Which games are available?
This varies a lot from casino to casino, but most sites feature the most common table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Casino Hold’em and Three Card Poker. There are often different games for different stakes, meaning you can choose a table that fits your budget. There can also be many variations of each game available.
How do I play table games?
Choose your preferred game to open it, and click on the chips to set your bet size. For Roulette, you can place chips on the areas just wish to bet on, just like on real Roulette tables.

Live Casino

Want to know more about Live Casino?

How do live casino games work?

Live casino games are just like they are in real casinos, with a dealer that spins the Roulette wheel or deals the Blackjack hands. A camera shows all the action, so when you are dealt a Blackjack hand it is with real cards that you can see on the video stream.

Which games are available?

Roulette, Blackjack and Casino Hold’em are available in most live casino lobbies, while many also have Baccarat and Three Card Poker. Depending on the provider, there can also be different variations such as tables in different languages.

How do I play live casino games?

Find the live casino lobby and open the game you wish to play. Once it’s loaded, the video stream will start and you can see your money balance. Place chips on the table to bet.

Online Casino FAQ
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