Runic Games Torchlight Interview – A video slot in the making?

Torchlight becoming an online video slot

So I guess the question on everybody’s lips is “Will there be a video slot from Runic Games Torchlight? Well, unfortunately there aren’t any plans on making a video slot for this amazing game. There has been many game providers who have taken PC games/Movies and made them into video slots for online casinos. Some examples include when Microgaming created Batman The Dark Knight or when Playtech made their Avengers video slot series (although this has been discontinued for now). It would have been fun to see a video slot version of Torchlight though. Who knows, perhaps this is something that will come in the future. We think a good candidate for this would be to either let Netent or Williams Interactive handle the creation. In the meanwhile there are many video slots that have a similar theme as Torchlight so why not grab some online casino bonuses and earn some extra cash? Stay tuned for further developments and visit Crispygamer for more info.