Richard Garriot Interview – Where is online casino headed?

So where is online casino headed? Most people would argue that we are going towards three different technological advancements. We spoke with Richard Garriot and asked his thoughts on where he thought the trends were going.

1. Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin gambling has been a hot topic for the last couple of years, and when we talk about Bitcoin Gambling we are not just talking about being able to play using crypto currency. Nowadays there are several projects which are working to create a decentralized gambling platform. One particular interesting project is that is built on the Ethereum platform. The great thing about bitcoin gambling is that it allows you to play anonymously.

2. VR Gambling

Now this is one really interesting topic. Virtual reality has risen massively in popularity the last two years and online gambling has always been in the forefront of the technology. For example Netent are planning on releasing their first VR Slot (Gonzo’s Quest) and there are already some VR casinos out there, such as Slotsmillion. This technology will only continue to advance and perhaps we will be able to enjoy a full VR experience in online casinos soon. Imagine being able to walk around in a complete VR environment with other players, claim a welcome bonus and start playing some slots with your friends next to you.

3. Augmented reality gambling

This is the technology which is least advanced within online gambling, and that’s because it’s quite hard. We’ve seen the success with Pokemon go and now apple is launching  the iPhone X which comes with some kind of AR features, but the technology itself is still underdeveloped. It would be quit cool to be able to transform your coffee table into a Blackjack table though.

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