Multiwheel Roulette

Roulette is known as the king of casino games because it’s extremely elegant and exciting. As you know, roulette can also be played on the internet at various online casino sites. Online roulette offers players much more playing opportunities and options than roulette in a land-based casino.

One thing that you can do at an online casino but never in a land-based casino is to play roulette with multiple wheels at the same time. In land-based casinos due to spacing restrictions you can never play roulette with more than just one wheel.

What is Multiwheel Roulette?

Like the name of the game suggests, multiwheel roulette is a roulette variant that allows the player to play with multiple wheels a once. What’s not possible in land-based casinos is very simple in an online casino since an online casino runs on casino software.

Online casinos have the possibility to offer roulette games with any number of wheels they want. However, in most cases the number of wheels is capped to 6 or a number close to this. This is because playing with an even larger number of wheels can be a little bit confusing.

In multiwheel roulette, every wheel will act as a separate game; as in players can place different sized bets, bets of different kind and more. Each wheel will also function independent from each other. Multiwheel roulette is basically like as if you would play at multiple tables at the same time in a land-based casino.

Multiwheel Roulette

Online Casinos that Offer Multiwheel Roulette

Multiwheel roulette is very popular these days, however, there are still online casino sites that haven’t yet adopted this roulette variant. If you’re a serious roulette player, then you should definitely try out roulette with multiple wheels. In our opinion it’s the ultimate form of roulette an online casino can offer.

For this reason, you should only register at an online casino that offers this game variant. The online casinos you see listed on the top right menu on this page all offer multiwheel roulette. Naturally, we also made sure to pick those casinos that offer the best multiwheel roulette games in the business and offer at least six wheels to choose from.

If you’re interested in roulette and would like to increase your winning chances, then check out our additional articles that deal about in-depth roulette strategy and winning tips. You should also watch our roulette video tutorials that were specially created to help you better understand this game.

How to Play Multiwheel Roulette

In multiwheel roulette before launching a new game players will have to decide how many wheels they wish to use. As explained above, most commonly players can choose to play between one to six wheels but this number can be different from casino to casino.

Players can also play with just one wheel only. If players decide to play with multiple wheels at once they won’t be forced to activate all the available wheels. So, if a multiwheel roulette game offers six wheels, players can naturally also play with two, three, four or five wheels as well.

Most commonly, a wheel will be activated if a player clicks on it. Clicking on a wheel again will deactivate it. After activating the desired number of wheels, players will have to place a bet on all of them. Players can place bets of different size and type as well as multiple bets on the active wheels.

After this, players’ task will be to launch the game. When the game is launched, the player will notice all the active wheels spinning. Once the wheels slow down, the roulette balls will fall into one of the numbered pockets. The result of the game will be decided based on the pockets the balls fell into.

Advantages of Multiwheel Roulette

Multiwheel roulette doesn’t offers any advantages in regards to winning odds since it works exactly the same and has the same payout rates as any normal roulette variant. The advantages of roulette with multiple wheels are that this game offers more excitement and a faster gameplay than other roulette games.

It’s definitely more exciting to wait for the result of six or more roulette games that are running at the same time than just playing one round at a time. Also, playing with more wheels at once basically means that players can play more rounds than usual in a very short time frame.

Playing with multiple wheels is definitely more exiting and faster than playing with only one wheel but it can also hurt the player who isn’t careful. Playing with multiple wheels may result in players losing too much too fast if they aren’t vigilant. For this reason, we recommend you to place smaller bets than usual when you play on this roulette variant.

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