You Say You Want a Revolution: Chris Foster on The Beatles: Rock Band

The Beatles: Rock Band draws its inspiration from a combination of The Beatles who was a game changer when it came to making rock music and Rock Band which revolutionized the music genre of video games.

Indeed, this combination is in itself a revolution, and we talked with Chris Foster, the lead designer for The Beatles: Rock Band, about the game’s development, his favorite things, and what to look forward to.

Chris Foster lengthily discussed about Rock Band’s development. He went on to say that Rock Band’s core game play is all about The Beatles and their story. Foster went on to say that there’s more to the game than just a retelling of The Beatles’ story since it will also feature all the iconic venues that The Beatles has performed in, including the Shea Stadium and the Ed Sullivan Theater.

As a parting note, Foster mentioned that gameplay wise, music games have a lot of room for creativity and expression that hasn’t been tapped into yet.

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