Detailing Diablo III: The Jay Wilson Interview

Crispy Gamer sat down with the game director as well as lead designer of Diablo III, Jay Wilson, to get ahold of their latest announcements, update on art direction matters, Battle.Net, and things in general at Blizzard.

First off, the announcement of Diablo III at the 2008 Worldwide Convention from Blizzard drew excited and ecstatic reactions from Diablo II fans and the general crowd. When the art style of the new Diablo installment was released, most of the feedback are really positive, except some who complained about it.

According to Jay, designing Diablo III was a real challenge for the development team at Blizzard. However, the team tried to identify the core philosophies of the game and stick with it. A few new concepts have been introduced though, but it’s something that rabid fans will love.

As for Battle.Net, Jay went on to say that there is indeed a new version, which will be unveiled in the near future. With the new Battle.Net, the ultimate goal is to provide for avid gamers to stay together, easily communicate and network and of course, have fun together!

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