High Limit Roulette

Every gambler loves Roulette. The ability to choose your own risk and volatility combined with the randomness of the game makes it the perfect game for a blood pumping experience. On this page we have listed the highest betting limit Roulette games online, meant for true high rollers and VIP players. You won’t find better and more professional high limit Roulette games than on this list anywhere on the internet.

Highstakes Roulette

1. NetEnt Live Roulette Pro – €100,000

If you prefer high limit live casino Roulette, NetEnt’s Live Roulette Pro tables are the best options for you. With HD quality streaming and professional croupiers, NetEnt delivers on the quality they are known for after many years in the gaming industry. You can place bets up to a staggering €100,000 per spin, so even the biggest high rollers will be satisfied when trying their Roulette luck. For true high stakes Roulette, you don’t need to look any further – NetEnt Live Roulette Pro offers the ultimate experience for high rollers, and most online Roulette VIP players call it their gambling home.

  • Max bet: €100,000
  • Provider: NetEnt
  • Roulette type: European

2. Extreme Gaming Classic VIP Live Roulette – €75,000

Extreme Gaming is a games provider owned by the Novomatic Group, who has produced classic slots favourites such as Book of Ra for live and online casinos for many years. On their VIP Live Roulette table, you can find more action than almost anywhere online, and with professional service and quality this is an excellent place to try out your luck. Extreme Gaming also offer Auto VIP Roulette with the same betting limit, so that you are able to place more bets in a shorter time period.

  • Max bet: €75,000
  • Provider: Extreme Gaming
  • Roulette type: European

3. NetEnt Roulette VIP – €75,000

NetEnt is the world’s leading games provider, and their Roulette VIP table are meant for high rollers only. NetEnt is the most trustworthy games provider on the internet, and their random number generator is heavily regulated and trusted among players. NetEnt VIP Roulette is one of two entries on this list that isn’t a live casino game, and when you want instant action without having to wait for the next round to begin, NetEnt’s VIP Roulette table is the perfect option for a high roller wanting fast action. You even have the ability to do quick spins, so that you don’t have to bite your nails nervously while waiting to see which slot the ball ends up in if you don’t want to.

  • Max bet: €75,000
  • Provider: Netent
  • Roulette type: European

4. Ezugi Live Roulette – €50,000

Ezugi is a lesser known provider compared to the others on this list, but due to their games’ superb quality more and more casinos are adding their live casino games to their portfolio. On Ezugi’s live Roulette table you will find all the features you expect from live Roulette, such as the ability to chat with other players and the polite dealers. Ezugi are purely focusing on live casino games, and because of this they are able to put a lot of effort into their games’ quality. With HD live streaming and some of the most professional dealers on the internet, you will be treated as a real VIP.

  • Max bet: €50,000
  • Provider: Ezugi
  • Roulette type: European

5. Evolution Live Roulette – €20,000

Evolution is by far the biggest live casino games provider in the world. With thousands of employees and five offices across Europe, they know how to recreate the atmosphere that you you can only get from real casinos. You can expect only the highest quality when playing on Evolution’s live games, and if you like to place big bets, Evolution is the optimal provider for you. Thousands of Roulette high stakes players sit down at Evolution’s many tables each day, and since you are able to see the full session history on all their live Roulette games you can wait until you feel that it is the right time to put in the big chips.

  • Max bet: €20,000
  • Provider: Evolution Gaming
  • Roulette type: European

6. IGT Roulette – €10,000

IGT is one of the biggest games providers in the world, having over 12,000 employees and many, many years of experience. They know what gambling is all about, and they have perfected their online Roulette games. On IGT Roulette you can bet up to €10,000 on double bets such as red/black, odd/even and high/low number. IGT’s Roulette game isn’t the highest limit roulette you can find on this page, but in return it offers one of the best Roulette playing experiences. Since this isn’t a live roulette game, it’s just you versus the casino, and you are able to play many spins per minute.

  • Max bet: €10,000
  • Provider: IGT
  • Roulette type: European
Highstakes Roulette
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