Technological advancements seem to be landing more and more quickly, but there is still a whole slew of ways that online casinos need to keep up. The more exciting and helpful little hacks I see, the more I wonder why more online casinos aren’t in the case of implementing them.

From a demo-mode-enabled catalogue (a personal favorite) to outstanding soundtracks and even multi-screening capabilities, you’re going to be searching out these features wherever you go. So, stick with me while I run you through a few of the most helpful, inspiring, or just plain exciting features that I’ve spotted on my (extensive) travels through the online casino universe.

Demo Mode

It’s an oldy but a goldy. Out of all of the different casino games on offer at, I imagine you can guess which category takes up the biggest number. It’s slots. There are almost 200 titles that you can play and as a nice touch, you can have a go at all of them in demo mode. This is a feature that so many casinos miss out on, but it is essential if you want to narrow down your favorite games without spending any of your hard-earned cash.

Demo mode allows you to play the full game, including placing bets with virtual cash. You get to see exactly how the slot works, including any features such as bonus rounds and wilds. Once you’ve finished playing, you can decide if that title is for you – and if it isn’t – you can just move on. It’s a small feature to add, but it directly affects the bankroll of players for the better. For me, that always makes a difference to how likely I am to stick around at a casino in the future.

Multi Screening

One of the big perks of online casino games – for many people – is how speedy they are compared to their ‘real life’ equivalents. Well, online casinos have found yet another way to speed things up. Multi screening. This allows players to switch between games without even minimizing their screen. Instead, they can have the same game (or two different ones) playing side by side in the same window. It’s usually only available for slot machines, never live casino games, which makes sense, as they tend to involve the least concentration.

With that said, there are increasingly more casinos that offer multi-tabling on RNG table games such as blackjack and poker. Some even offer specific multi-hand blackjack titles, where you’re expected to play two hands at once. It’s certainly a good way to speed things up for players, but it is a feature to be cautious of. Start off with multi-screening slot games and see how easy you find it to concentrate. If it works for you then feel free to venture into multi-tabling card games, but be warned, if you lose concentration, you might find your bankroll decreasing a little faster than you’d planned!

Crypto Casinos

Crypto casinos are less a ‘feature’ than a payment decision, but they can be a particularly useful one. Even the fastest e-wallets often have hold-ups with processing, particularly withdrawals, but thanks to the decentralized nature of all cryptocurrencies, there’s a whole step that can be omitted. This makes it much, much faster to make transfers in crypto.

Some casinos allow you to play in crypto, but many take your transfer and convert it into a fiat currency. Then, when it’s time to withdraw, your fiat currency is converted back into crypto and that is what is used to make the transaction. This allows transaction times of as little as a couple of minutes, which isn’t bad compared to the 10 working days that you’ll often wait for a bank transfer!

Killer Soundtracks

We’ve already talked a little about slots, but they’re the biggest money-spinner for casinos and a fan favorite, so just hear me out on this one! One of the most woefully neglected aspects of many online games is the soundtrack that you’re playing along to. Often, you’ll find just the cash drop and spinning reel sounds. Sometimes you’ll get some stock music that’s vaguely in keeping with the theme. Rarely do you get a true belter of a soundtrack, but NetEnt seems to be on a one-company warpath to change that.

Net Ent has recently released not one, not two, but three band-themed slot games. Not just any old bands either, but three of the biggest hitters from the rock music scene: Guns N’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix, and Motörhead. Their partnerships with these veritable legends mean that they’re able to use original music for these slot games. It’s one thing finding a slot game with a good, unobtrusive soundtrack – that you can just about stand listening to. It’s quite another to find a slot game with a soundtrack so good that you’d leave it playing in the background!