CrispyGamer The World's Biggest Gaming Blog Wed, 23 May 2018 03:58:54 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Betting on Baccarat – A Comprehensive Guide Wed, 25 Apr 2018 08:51:37 +0000 Baccarat is one table game that is rather hard to miss, whenever you decide to walk across the casino floor or log into your online account. Players are constantly gathering and filling up the places of others as bets are made and outcomes are paid out. Due to all the commotion surrounding the tables, some players are more reluctant than others when it comes to trying out baccarat as a new game.

Baccarat Game Play

Before we get into the matter of types of bets you can place at the baccarat table, you should also know which outcomes to play for. Considering that it’s a card game, it is necessarily related to the card value, only in this case, they are a little different than usual.

Namely, the cards 10, J, Q, K and A normally have the highest denomination and are valued as 10s. In bacarrat, the A has a value of 1, while the remaining four are considered as 0s. In such a case, the 9 is thought to have the highest value, and is the most desirable during the card draws. This is so due to the fact that the player with the highest valued hand wins the game.

Types of Baccarat Bets

Another thing you might notice about the crowd at the baccarat tables is that they definitely come to the table prepared. Highroller Baccarat players are a common occurrence, and while some land-based casinos require them to stick to the chips, others allow them to play with actual cash bills. The reason for such interest around this game is that there are only three basic bet types with clear-cut payouts and house edge, allowing for a fast-paced game play.

The first type of bet is the ‘dealer’ bet – players betting against the dealer in order to get a higher hand value. In this case, the payout is 1-1, but you shouldn’t forget that, at the end of your play, there is a 5% commission for the dealer.

The second type is the ‘player’ bet – just like the dealer, only now you’re playing against another player in order to get higher hand value. The payout is also 1-1, but there’s no need to pay commission to your opponent in the end.

The ‘tie’ bet is much more rewarding, with a payout of 8-1, but it requires you and the dealer to have the same hand value from the cards you’re holding. The house edge on this bet is nearly 15%, which makes it highly unlikely for players to hit a win, and has thus gained the reputation of being a ‘sucker bet’. Nonetheless, should you hit the tie, it’s bound to be worth the risk.

Side Bets & Betting Strategies in Baccarat

Despite the few bet types, baccarat players can also employ a few side bets based on the casino operator they’ve chosen. These include Lucky Pair, Dragon Bonus, Dragon 7/Panda 8 and several more, all of which are more widely available on the latest online casino platforms.

As for betting strategies, there will always be someone ready to test their next big betting plan on the baccarat tables, but past experiences have shown that counting cards could end up being the best option.

The Ins & Outs of No Deposit Slots Tue, 24 Apr 2018 14:30:25 +0000 Online gaming is an experience all by itself, so it is no wonder that it has managed to attract so many customers in just a couple of decades since its beginnings. There are many different layers to it, basically distinguished by the types of games you prefer. And while there is no scarcity on the blackjack and poker tables, or on the bingo and sportsbook platforms, one thing that has managed to dominate the industry throughout its existence is online slot machines.

Types of Online Slot Games

There are many different types of online slot games, mostly determined by whether they have 3, 5, 6 reels or more, if they are regular video slots, progressives or 3D animated ones, and many other types to come. All of these tend to be popular among one group of players or another, but there is one type that seems to topple over them all – no deposit slots.

These can come in any of the aforementioned formats, just as long as they offer players a certain number of spins without betting their own hard earned cash. Such no deposit slots where you keep what you win are still subject to some wagering requirements, but on the whole, the offer is still worth the effort.

Advantages & Disadvantages of No Deposit Slots

Before you are able to understand the advantages and disadvantages of no deposit slots, it bears explaining how you are able to claim them to your benefit. Namely, most no deposit spins are offered to novice players as a way to attract them to a casino platform. They are practically a chance to test the slot games, or even learn how to play them without wasting any of their own money. Just visit a good reputable casino platform and register for an account – most of them will have the bonus offer waiting at the home page, and only a portion of the operators will require you to input the specific bonus code in the designated box in order to make your claim.

Regardless, there are numerous benefits to playing on no deposit slots. After all, they either give players a number of free spins or betting credit for particular slot games. Now, for those players who want to gain some extra advantage in the game play, most slots experts recommend betting the maximum number of paylines. This is a sure-proof formula for any jackpot –related slot, and is just as likely to work on during no deposit slot bonuses. Another added advantage to the whole offer is the fact that it is present on a particular casino website – these no deposit slot bonuses are nowadays regarded as extra indicators of the operator’s reliability and dedication to player satisfaction.

As beneficial as they appear, most no deposit slots offer their benefits in relation to some playthrough restrictions. While it isn’t a real disadvantage, it may turn into an inconvenience if you don’t check the requirements prior to claiming any of the benefits.

The Best Live Casino Roulette Game – Explanation & Guidelines Fri, 09 Mar 2018 15:42:15 +0000 Throughout the years, the game of roulette has undergone certain changes, ultimately resulting in three variations: French, European and American roulette. The first two have the same layout of 37 numbers on the wheel (0 to 36), while the third variant has 38 slots on the wheel (0 to 36 and a slot with 00).

Considering the fact that the game’s house edge basically determines the player’s benefit from it, you should know that American roulette has a house edge of 5.26%, while the edge on the European wheel is nearly half – 2.70%.

French Roulette – Main Features

There are two main distinctions between European and French roulette, despite the fact that they have the same wheel structure. Namely, in French roulette, the table layout is in French with a few distinctive bet positions.

The second feature which makes French roulette distinct from the European variant is a specific set of rules. ‘La Partage’ and ‘En Prison’ are the two most famous and beneficial among them, originally named in French to mean ‘to divide’ and ‘to imprison’, respectively. What makes them really special is their effect on the house edge, which is why they have been present from the early days of roulette to today’s online live casino platforms.

‘La Partage’ & ‘En Prison’ – To Divide or To Imprison?

Both the ‘La Partage’ and the ‘En Prison’ rule apply solely to even money bets – these are bets with a fifty-fifty chance like red-black or odds-evens. Occasional players tend to avoid these due to low payouts, but any experienced  high stakes roulette enthusiast knows their real worth, which makes these two rules all the more desirable.

The ‘La Partage’ rule in French roulette is quite straightforward – if you place an even-money bet on this type of game and the ball ends up in the slot marked by 0, your stake is divided in half. One half goes to the house, while the other half is returned to the player. Due to this specific outcome, the rule practically reduces the house edge by an exact half – instead of 2.70% in regular European and French roulette wheels, the ‘La Partage’ rule turns it into 1.35%.

The ‘En Prison’ rule, on the other hand, is seen as a variation of the ‘La Partage’, mainly because it has the same effect on the house edge, but achieves it with a different tactics. When a roulette game has this rule, the dealer puts a marker on top of all even money bets – practically imprisons them. The rule implies that if the ball lands on the slot marked with 0, your whole bet amount is left for the next spin. Should the next spin result in your favor, the stake is released and returned to you in full; otherwise, it is imprisoned by the house.

Consequently, the French roulette variation offers the lowest house edge and the greatest winning opportunity for its players. ‘En Prison’ is extremely rare, but with a little gambler’s luck, you could find a reputable live casino ‘La Partage’ roulette wheel.

New Microgaming Slot Release – Enjoy the ‘Playboy Gold’ Edition at Casino Heroes Thu, 08 Mar 2018 15:13:32 +0000 Microgaming has always been innovative in their slot design, as it is in this case, despite the fact that it is formed as a sequel to the five-year-old original Playboy slot. The game’s release date was March 7th – the same day it found its place in the Casino Heroes’ slot selection.

The New Bunny Look

While this new and improved Playboy slot hides many benefits inside the reels, its visual effects cannot be overlooked. The slot is equipped with a specific 6-reel and 10-row grid, boasting up to 100 paylines. On the side of each reel, there is one of the epic Playboy bunnies – in this case, Raquel and Audrey. Considering the source of inspiration, further elements of the franchise are also present in the reels, as the clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds are accompanied by silver and gold Playboy chips and four “bunnies”: Hiromi, Carly, Gia and Stephanie.

With a spotlight swirling around the classic background and a more modern look in the foreground, Playboy Gold has managed to offer a rather unique experience.

Playboy Gold’s Special Features

While the game play is rewarding in itself, there are a few special features which truly benefit Playboy Gold slot players. Namely, the slot has a Wheel Bonus feature triggered by 3 Wheels on the slot reels – these award you a spin on the Wheel that can multiply your stake 20-100 times. The other potential win is the key to the Free Spins feature, and the last potential win from spinning the Wheel is the Match Bonus feature. All you have to do is to pick and match a pair of cards for a certain multiplier, while each attempt makes this multiplier grow.

The Jumbo Block feature is just as rewarding, and it appears as an expanded Jumbo Block on the 4 middle reels (4×6). If you hit it, expect to get one of three prizes. The first is the Instant Credit Prize – a cash amount credited to your player account, while the other is a Multiplier on your Jumbo Block win. The last is the most generous – it is called Wild Respins and is featured by expansion of the middle Jumbo Block into a 4×10 format. This is accompanied by sticky wilds on the first and last reels, and can trigger two to four additional respins.

On a final note, the Free Spins feature mentioned earlier is another special feature. It is triggered by the Wheel Bonus key and cannot appear in the main game, but there are 10 free spins per round, and a Jumbo Block which appears during each of them in order to provide better chances to hit a win.

All in all, Playboy Gold has been able to live up to the name of its predecessor – with rewarding features and pleasant companions on offer, winning is the only outcome.

Complete Guide to the Best No Deposit Bonus Offers Wed, 07 Mar 2018 15:29:03 +0000 The online casino industry has been born and raised on the basis of bonus offers and promotions. As a result, multiple variations of this player benefit have appeared and developed throughout the years. These often come with certain restrictions such as time limits, required deposits or game-specific options.

Nevertheless, there is one type which could end up boosting your bankroll the most – the no deposit bonus. These offers are normally defined as ‘free cash’ for the players, but there is something more to it than just that. They were created as a method to attract new player traffic to the online casino floor, and are generally considered as casino credit that allows potential players to register and test some games for free, without risking their own money.

Free Cash or Free Spins?

No deposit bonus offers generally distinguish between two types – a cash bonus amount or free spins. The former type rewards the player a certain cash amount that won’t put the casino’s solvency under any risk, but will allow the player to look around the casino floor and get a feel of some of the games.

The latter type is known as no deposit slots spins or free spins, and these are a limited number of spin opportunities for select slot games on the casino site. Unlike the previous type, this player benefit can be found as part of other offers like welcome bonuses, as well as independently. Hence, you could say it is one of the most attractive bonuses in the industry.

Maximize Your Benefits

In order to make the most of all no deposit bonus offers that may come your way, it is important to keep two major guidelines in mind. For one, you should not share any information or claim any offers from a disreputable online casino. Stick to legally regulated and licensed operators in order to have fun and enjoy all the security perks of the industry.

The second guideline deals with the bonus terms and conditions, also known as wagering requirements. Namely, these represent the amount you will need to go through at the respective casino platform in order to be able to cash out your no deposit bonus or any winnings from it. The top operators are known to offer wager-free bonuses, but due to the importance of the matter, it is best that you check for yourself.

These wagering requirements to the free spins (or cash) are also known to include other restrictions. Thus, some cap the withdrawal amount of the bonus or its winnings, while others dictate the bet size and the games where it can be used. All in all, once you have decided whether you prefer a no deposit cash bonus or free spins offer, use the guidelines to go through your options and choose the best for your player needs.

Free Spins & Beyond – Top Tips to Turn You into a Slot Pro Wed, 07 Mar 2018 14:25:08 +0000 There are two types of slot players – casuals and regulars. The former usually come to the slot selection in an attempt to blow some steam and relax, while the latter simply prefer this game over any other on the casino floor. Regardless of your particular slot player profile, there is a thing or two you should know about online slot mechanics before going back for a second spin-off.

Fully legitimate online slot games have Random Number Generators which make outcome predictions practically impossible. However, the Return-to-Player percentage on each slot tells you how many times you are going to hit a win out of a 100 attempts, theoretically speaking. Stats and calculations could make it seem like it’s impossible to beat them, but the lucky progressive jackpot winners are singing a different tune altogether. Read on and get the top tips to boost your performance and turn you into the next millionaire online slot pro.

Make Use of Free Spins

Every reputable online casino includes free spins as part of their bonus offering, separately from the in-slot free spins which are usually triggered by a specific symbol. Free spins no deposit no wager offers have virtually become the industry standard, although some operators tend to offer them as part of the first deposit or reload bonuses or promos. These are practically free money credited in their slots worth – all the reason you need to claim them.

Practice Good Bankroll Management

If you want to rejoice over your wins and losses, you need to practice bankroll management. The best thing to do is determine the money you can afford to lose, so that each win is an extra boost. However, one general rule you need to remember is to never play with borrowed cash. No, not even when you’re on a real roll.

Track Progressive Jackpot Slots

A progressive jackpot slot is a game present on multiple casino sites, but with the ability to accumulate all bets into one pot – the progressive jackpot. While there is no saying when and how it may hit, the jackpot cap or highest jackpot amount could indicate when it is most likely to hit again.

Choose Reputable Casino Operators Only

No matter how good you have been doing on your favourite slot, the winnings aren’t going to mean much if you got them at an illegal casino site. Scammers readily accept your deposits, but do not approve your withdrawal requests, and if you aren’t careful with your choice of operator, you may not have any legal grounds to support your case.

Enjoy Your Spin-Time

Every player places their bet in hopes of winning something extra, but that isn’t always the case. In order to really make the most of each spin during your game play, it is crucial that you have fun doing it in the first place. There is nothing worse than letting stress take its toll on your entertainment, let alone your big jackpot hit.


Yako Casino Games – Check Out the Three Latest Slots with Multiple Rewarding Features Tue, 06 Mar 2018 15:18:59 +0000 Yako Casino is an acclaimed brand in the online gaming industry, both for its instant-play games and mobile client. Since the initial release, it has been known for providing its player pool with all kinds of rewards and winning opportunities.

One of the top ways of doing so is through its game selection, more specifically Yako Casino’s slots collection. While regular players are well aware of this practice, there are those that are still jumping between platforms in search of such offers. To illustrate Yako Casino’s practice more closely, here the three latest slots added to the platform.

Asgardian Stones

This slot is powered by NetEnt, a leader among gaming software providers, setting high expectations for potential rewards formed by its 5-reels and 20-paylines structure. It is based on the theme of Nordic mythology, more specifically the story of the city of Asgard. The graphic design, symbols and sound effects emanate the theme, while the features prove its highly rewarding nature.

Instead of spinning, the reels at Asgardian Stones form an Avalanche feature which is filled with all kinds of symbols – Wilds, Colossal symbols and a Bonus Wheel. Each of them triggers a different set of benefits, but a combination of more provides the ultimate winning experience.

Deco Diamonds

A product of Just for the Win software providing company, Deco Diamonds is definitely the place to go when you’re looking to hit some wins. As the name suggests, this video slot is basically a land-based fruit classic with a 5-reel and 9-payline grid and a multitude of diamonds sparkling off of all symbols. It has two Wilds – the Wild Diamonds and the Deco Diamonds symbol – which can create winning combinations and trigger free spins.

Another rewarding feature you can trigger at the Deco Diamonds slot game is the Bonus Wheel, containing various multipliers across three wheel types: Silver, Gold and Diamond.

Finn and the Swirly Spin

Ending with the same software provider as we started, Finn and the Swirly Spin is a recent release by formerly mentioned NetEnt. The story behind this slot revolves around leprechauns and rainbows, giving players the impression that this game’s 5-reel 10-payline grid truly is their pot of gold.

All symbols that are part of this slot offer some kind of a reward, but the Wild (represented by the Star) and the Free Spins Key are by far the most. A Sticky Wild symbol is also available, but only during one of the Lava Lair Free Spins round. These Wilds substitute for all symbols other than the Key in forming winning combinations. Ultimately, Star Bat, Lucky Mug and Golden Pot are the remaining free spins rounds you could trigger, each with their own free spins amount.


LeoVegas Welcomes Red Tiger Games to Its Premises Tue, 06 Mar 2018 13:59:25 +0000 On March 5th, 2018, Red Tiger’s interactive game selection became available to the wide and varied player pool at LeoVegas Casino.

This move has been somewhat anticipated, what with the previous release of some of its products, such as the top ranking slots Reel Heist, Treasure Mine and Arcade Bomb, which reached the popular section soon after their release. They served the team at LeoVegas as a subtle indicator of what is now an official collaboration with this software platform, resulting in news of more new releases coming up soon enough. Namely, LeoVegas is intending to release four new games from Red Tiger each week until the end of March, when a more regular release schedule will take over.

What makes this collaboration interesting is the unique nature of both establishments. On the one hand, LeoVegas is a well-recognised brand among online casino operators, with an emphasis on their mobile game play functionality. It has won numerous prestigious awards throughout the short years of its existence, as it has been released less than a decade ago. Nonetheless, it has managed to get noteworthy recognition from reputable bodies in the industry, including that from EGR.

This online casino operator is constantly aiming to provide enough incentive to keep players coming for more of the best gaming content in the industry. The former is achieved through the use of all kinds of animations that draw players’ interests towards specific offers, jackpots or important notifications. Partnerships like the one made between LeoVegas and Red Tiger ensure that the gaming software segment is just as professionally handled.

The other party in this release, Red Tiger Gaming, is eager to introduce their new interactive panel to the wide and varied audience at LeoVegas. As stated by Red Tiger Gaming’s CEO Gavin Hamilton, working with a casino brand that is “second to none” has to be a pleasant and rather rewarding experience. The only thing more rewarding is Red Tiger’s slot selection and their jackpots. One invention introduced by the developer is the Daily Jackpots – a progressive reward that is won once per day, at a specific time.

While some casino operators may grow reluctant due to such features, LeoVegas has accepted them with great enthusiasm and is said to pair them with the Red Tiger’s Smart Spins. This was first announced by the LeoVegas casino direction, Karolina Pelc, who confirmed the tendency to retain their “position as King of Mobile Casino” by coming up with new ways to give their players more chances to win.

All in all, this collaboration is bound to provoke a whole new momentum in the industry, boosting LeoVegas’ established reputation and projecting Red Tiger Gaming in the same direction.

Things are Heating Up with NetEnt’s Latest Slot Release ‘Hotline’ Fri, 02 Mar 2018 15:21:46 +0000 Inspired by Miami Vice and the retro spirit of the 80s, and further boosted by significant resource availability at the iGaming magnate, Hotline is one slot worth betting on. Once it is released on March 22, as announced, there is no saying how high it will rate in terms of popularity across all player pools.

2 in 1: Video Slot & Video Game

This slot looks much like a typical car chase video game – there are literally scenes of the road, the characters and their conflicts during the actual game play. Players will be accompanied by three different personas – Quinn, Riviera and Kitty Weiss.

The action takes place across Miami, using a 5-reel, 3-row 30-fixed paylines grid, filled with symbols inspired by the characters and the riches you are supposed to help them rob! Aside from these, Scatters and Wilds are also available in order to trigger the special features NetEnt intended to offer.

The Hot Features at ‘Hotline’

There are four special features that make Hotline what it truly is. The first is the Hotline Bonus Bet – namely, during the base game, one of the rows is always selected as a hotline, but players are able to select one or two more. That way, if a Wild lands on any of the hotlines activated, it would expand on the whole reel and stay during Re-Spins and Free Spins. You can play the one, primary activated hotline (by default) with the basic bet – 15 coins. Two activated hotlines make the Hotline Bonus Bet a Double one – 30 coins a bet, while all three activated hotlines make a Triple Bet, worth 45 coins.

Re-Spins, mentioned above, are the second special feature of this slot. They are triggered when a Wild symbol happens to appear on an activated hotline, and thus expands across the whole reel, awarding the player with a re-spin. Should no new Wilds appear on the reels, the Re-Spins end.

Speaking of the Wilds, the third hot feature at Hotline is the Expanding Wild. Their role is to replace any other symbol except for Scatters, and to expand throughout the reel when they land on an active hotline. This is the highest paying special feature on the slot, as can be noted from its payline.

Ultimately, Free Spins are the fourth and final feature at this slot, and they are triggered by a total of three Scatter symbols which land anywhere on the reels numbered 1, 3 and 5. This occasion triggers 7 Free Spins, during which a Wild can land on an activated hotline and trigger the previous, Expanded Wilds feature. It will remain throughout the Free Spins, but it is important to note that this Free Spins feature cannot be triggered during this, or the second, Re-Spins feature round.

Get Lucky with the Latest LuckyDino Casino Offer – 20 Free Spins on Top Rewarding Slots Fri, 02 Mar 2018 14:12:40 +0000 LuckyDino Casino is known to take great pride in keeping their players happy, and one way of doing that is through continuous releases of new player bonuses and promotions.

New Player Rewards – 20 Free Spins for All

The latest offer provided by LuckyDino Casino for their player base is a form of Welcome offer that does not require any deposits. Players from the following countries: Austria, Czech, Finland, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey are invited to register for a new player account and automatically receive 20 free spins on Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Spinata Grande, Tornado or Stickers.

This offer has become available to players from the aforementioned countries on March 1, and has been capped to $/£/€500 in terms of winnings. What is more, like all other offers provided by this operator, the 20 free spins are cashable and are not subject to any wagering requirements. However, make sure you can go through them in the 7 days following the day when they are credited onto your LuckyDino player account.

In an attempt to include even more players in this special Welcome offer, LuckyDino Casino has offered an alternative for newly registered Canadians. It is available starting today, March 2, but without a specific expiration date, so eligible readers are advised to go straight to LuckyDino Casino.

Due to the restrictions Canadians face regarding NetEnt games, the slot provided for their 20 free spins registration offer is Play’n Go’s Planet Fortune. Other than that, they will be subject to the same requirements – or lack thereof – illustrated above.

But this isn’t all LuckyDino Casino has in store for its players – new players from any remaining eligible countries that weren’t mentioned above are also given some registration incentive. Upon signup, they will be automatically awarded 7 free spins with wager-free winnings.

Regular Player Bonuses & Benefits

Apart from such occasional time-limited offers, players at LuckyDino Casino from all accepted countries are eligible to claim the regular bonuses and benefits.

Newly registered LuckyDino casino players can claim the official Welcome Bonus provided by the operator. It consists of a 100% match bonus on their initial deposit amount, as well as 50 free spins to use on Copy Cats the next day. The following, second deposit you make credits you with a 50% bonus match up to €200 and another 50 free spins to use on the Twin Spin slot.

To wrap things up, there is one more proof of LuckyDino Casino’s rewarding nature – all free spins winnings are free of any wager requirements and completely cashable!