It’s a Massacre With COD4 Modern Warfare Casino Slot

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Online Casino Slot

Wake up! It’s 4 am and we are heading out into battle. The mission is to eliminate every Russian. Put some clothes on, gear up and follow troop, we entering modern warfare!

One of the highest grossing console game and best-seller of 2007 has now become an online gambling slot and it is a massacre (in terms of how this game is killing it). Not only does the slot resemble the original game graphically but the whole atmosphere is on point with killer features and bonus rounds.

As you are entering the battle/game field you will see combinations of perks and equipment symbols form, but be alert! Sometimes symbols will trigger small movie clips from the game, giving for a more intense experience. And of course, once in a while, at random, a grenade will be thrown onto the board turning a random symbol into a wild. And just for some extra spice, sometimes a soldier will run across the reels, leaving behind some explosives with the same results as the grenade.

But a Modern Warfare game wouldn’t be a real Modern Warfare game without some actual shooting and you better believe that’s in store in this slot. Get 3 scatters and the bonus round gets triggered, putting you in the front seat where you actually get to snipe down your enemies for some extra Free Spins!

What more could you ask for? Just get shooting!

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