Mythbusters – Online Casino edition

A quick run-down of 10 online casino myths that aren’t true and that make your gaming experience worse if you believe in them:

  1. Myth: Online Casinos fix or rig games to their advantage.
    Fact: They can’t and don’t need to. All slots are already programmed with a house edge.
  2. Myth: After a long streak of losing you are bound to win.
    Fact: All slot games use a random number generator, meaning that your every spin is random and unaffected by previous spins.
  3. Myth: Slots turn cold after a jackpot.
    Fact: Well, no. Remember the random number generator? Every spin is completely unaffected by any previous spins.
  4. Myth: Casino operators can up your winning chances.
    Fact: Operators do not have the possibility of fiddling with your winning chances. Even if you are a loyal customer.
  5. Myth: Online gambling is more addictive.
    Fact: Harvard Medical School’s Division on Addiction stated, after research, that online gambling is no more addictive than any other form of gambling.
  6. Myth: Only lonely people gamble online.
    Fact: Very untrue. Online gambling is a form of entertainment. It is like saying, only lonely people watch Youtube.
  7. Myth: Online Casino Bonuses are a scam.
    Fact: Casino bonuses are real and a way to attract new customers, as well as pleasing existing ones. Remember that online gambling is a competitive marketplace.
  8. Myth: Winning chances are decreased when playing with a bonus.
    Fact: Slot games do/can not differentiate between real money and bonus money and therefore can not change the chances of winning.
  9. Myth: You need to spend big to win big.
    Fact: There is, of course, a relation between the size of winnings and size of bets but it is not necessary to spend a lot to win a lot. Most slots offer big win chances even with the smallest bets.
  10. Myth: Slot games are passive.
    Fact: With the wide range of online slot games available, players are able to choose how passive/active they want to be while playing. In addition, most online casinos offer additional casino features that can add to one’s gaming experience.


Hope that settled some unwanted myths out there. Now go have fun! Want more information about online casinos? Visit our homepage.