The 60-Buck Dilemma

Ask for a copy of Need for Speed Shift, and how much does it cost? $59.99

Grab a copy of Wet for Xbox 360, and how much do you pay at the counter? $59.99

Try asking for the price of Batman: Arkham Asylum and what do you get? $59.99

Seriously, what is up with the $59.99 pricing?

Wherever you are, ask for the latest video games across different consoles, and the magic answer you’ll get is: 60 bucks!

So who is responsible for this 60-buck dilemma? Do you dare ask the game-store guy about this or do we go to Jesse Divnich, an executive at Electronic Entertainment Design and Research.

According to him, the 60-buck pricing is usually divided into these:

$12 is for the retailer + $5 goes to marketing campaigns and discounts + $10 for production costs + $30 or $35 goes to the game’s publisher = this is what the 60 bucks is all about!

In the future, expect game makers to modify price models from time to time so they can break even on overhead and development costs!

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