50 Things to Do in the Capital Wasteland

Fallout 3 is for gamers who want extreme adventure! With so many options and add-ons available, this game is geared for extreme fun. To elevate your gaming experience, Crispy Gamer brainstormed and pitched in 50 of our most favorite things to do or experience in Fallout 3.

The next time you play the game, be sure to take a look at this list and try these out:

  • Kill the Overseer at Vault 101;
  • Loot the Naughty Nightwear at Marigold Metro Station;
  • Fight the burly Fawkes at Underworld;
  • Visit the library;
  • Go on a Lincoln treasure hunt at Museum of American History;
  • Drink from a Toilet, an electric one at that! All over Wasteland;
  • Camp in an unmarked sniper shack;
  • Don the AntAgonizer’s outfit and be a hero at Canterbury Commons;
  • Play the part of Rube Goldberg at Gold Ribbon Grocers.

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