The 11 Biggest Frauds in Gaming

The gaming world has always prided itself on the promise of delivering the future right within your grasp. However, more than a handful of these promises fail at delivery. Throughout history, here are some of the worst frauds in gaming!

  1. Michael Pachter
  2. PSP Go
  3. Wii MotionPlus attachment
  4. Gizmondo
  5. Mode 7
  6. Pac-Man on Atari 2600
  7. VMU games
  8. The Phantom
  9. PSP Connect rearview mirror
  10. Expansion Pak
  11. Game Boy Camera

While most of these promises look nice and shiny and new, the truth is usually revealed little by little, and you’ll be left wondering what in the world did you just get yourself into.

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