@TopHat Professor Layton and the Curious Twitter Accounts

@TopHatProfessor Layton’s first tweet on June 29, 2009 read: “Frankly… I’m ashamed. I have made myself a Twitter page and officially joined the world of technology. Perhaps Luke may help me update.”

And with these words, TopHatProfessor, a Nintendo DS game character became a hit on Twitter. The TopHatProfessor would tweet about brainteasers, riddles, and even answer questions from his followers, all without breaking stride.

Many were quick to conclude that this might be a clever marketing campaign by the people at Nintendo. In truth, though, this Twitter account was the work of Roger DiLuigi, a college student/game journalist who felt that Nintendo wasn’t giving enough attention to the game’s US release.

But wait, it doesn’t stop here. On July 1, Luke, the apprentice of Layton, was also introduced into the Twitterverse. And on July 6, Don Paolo, Layton’s known arch-nemesis, challenged him with the hardest puzzles there ever is in the story on Twitterverse.  However, this interesting Twitter story came to an end when DiLuigi revealed to himself to his followers after realizing that he might be in for some trouble as Nintendo didn’t give him permission to do this.

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