If Game Characters Used Twitter

Have you ever thought about your favorite game characters using Twitter? Well, here at Crispy Gamer, we’ve come up with what-ifs when your favorite game character started using Twitter. Here are just some of their possible tweets!

Nplusninja (Ninja)

  • Jumped over a wall, then a mine. Knocked by laser. Now, DEAD!

RushTheDog (Rush)

  • Dude, you gotta lose that weight! Back’s made of titanium, but YOU still make it sore!

TombRaider (Lara Croft)

  • Ready to kick some a**!

FastestThingAlive (Sonic the Hedgehog)

  • Party at my house tonight! Better be fast than late!

ImmaWinThis (Wario)

  • Need me some 10 people to get my free Iphone. Come on you, guys! Spread the WORD!


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