Scribblenauts: How a Nobody Game Became the Talk of This Year’s E3

In this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), a relatively small upstart game made a mark and drew attention. This is big news in the gaming world as it’s a known fact that upstarts with no known marketing money to spare and with a small kiosk to boot have a relatively slim chance of being noticed.

However, for this year’s E3, Scribblenauts, an obscure Nintendo DS game, made its mark amidst the lavish marketing showcase of other games. But how did Scribblenauts made headlines in this year’s E3? Simple. The game’s simple yet impressive execution concept lured early adventurers, and these adventurers spreading the word after through blog posts, tweets, and even word of mouth at the after-show party. Before the week ended, big gaming outlets has already put aside a space for Scribblenuts!

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