Critic in Exile: Is It OK to Finally Admit That I Didn’t Really Like Fallout 3 That Much

Fallout 3 is an awesome enough game; however, it wasn’t for me. The game has some major likeable points, but there are also some aspects into it that leave me quite dissatisfied. To give you a run down, here are a few things that I like:

  • A.T.S. system;
  • Post-apocalyptic setting;
  • 1950s art deco visuals.

Of notable mention as well are the small poetic touches infused in the game.

Now if you’re wondering what part I didn’t really like about Fallout 3, I need to explain first that I’ve been at the game for 10 hours. During that time, I noticed that most of the options I’ve been doing are rather illogical. At the end of the 10 hours, I was wondering what I get in return for all the options I’ve made.

Also, how the game was marketed was really misleading. It felt like you’re about to enter into a surreal game that’s going to blow your mind away, but it didn’t happen for me.

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