Games that Sound Vaguely (Or Not So Vaguely) Like Adult Films

Part of the game development process is brainstorming the game’s title, and although game developers do invest ample time in brainstorming, they still manage to come up with cringe-worthy titles.

Worst, some titles make you do a double take. It’s because some of it can even double as an X-rated title! Here is a list of those cringe-worthy titles that will have your eyes rolling:

  1. Lips
  2. SPRay
  3. Chulip
  4. The Bigs
  5. Toobin’
  6. Blowout
  7. Ring of Red
  8. Hot Dish
  9. Kitty Luv
  10. The Bouncer
  11. The Red Star
  12. Crazy Taxi
  13. Cy Girls
  14. Heatseeker
  15. Sticky Balls
  16. It’s Mr. Pants!
  17. Pass the Pigs
  18. TouchMaster 2
  19. Rhythm Heaven
  20. Big Bang Mini
  21. Cooking Mama
  22. Alone in the Dark
  23. Imagine: Teacher
  24. Imagine: Babysitter
  25. My Chinese Coach
  26. My Japanese Coach
  27. My Spanish Coach
  28. Driller Online
  29. Ener-G: Gym Rockets
  30. Malibu Bikini Volleyball

There’s more to this list, but its best that we forget about these fail titles and move on!

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