Extra Spins, Fair Spins and Complementary Spins

Explaining “Extra Spins” & “Complementary Spins”

Free Spins: a thing of the past? Thankfully, not. If you are a lover of Free Spins, you might be starting to get a little worried at the new terminology being thrown around in the online gaming industry lately. We are hearing terms like “extra spins” and “fair spins” popping up on all our favourite casinos, and it’s time someone offered a little dose of clarity.


The UK Gambling Commission

Why the change?

The UK Gambling Commission has put forward the argument that Free Spins are not actually free in every sense of the word. While you don’t directly pay for them, most of the time you can’t get them into your online casino account without putting some money up in the first place. These spins are usually given when a player opens a new account and makes their first, second and sometimes third deposits. While it is a fantastic deal that brings a lot of extra opportunity to a player’s game, the fact of the matter is that the spins are just not as free as the word “free” makes them sound. Therefore, due to new UK Gambling Commission regulations, the wording has been changed to reflect this, but it only affects UK players. 

So, what are free spins now?

When you see Extra Spins, Complementary Spins or Fair Spins at an online casino, you can be sure that these are simply new terms for the same spins that we all know and love. The way free spins work has not changed and you will still find the same promotions at the same casinos that you have always been able to. Free Spins are now known as Extra Spins or Fair Spins in order to be clearer as to how they are obtained.

Want some extra spins?

Most of the time, Extra Spins are given when players sign up or make deposits at a casino, but you will see a few other common reasons for getting them as well. Some casinos will give extra spins to players who play a particular game on a designated day, others will offer random Extra Spins to existing players as a type of loyalty bonus, and still others will give out random Extra Spins to players as a weekly bonus. You will also find a few online casinos that run promotional programs where Extra Spins are given to players when they have earned a certain tier level.


That’s it, in a nutshell. New regulations from the UK Gaming Commission have created the need for online casinos and game providers to change the names of the spins they offer to terms that more accurately describe what they are. There is certainly no need to be worried or confused about these changes, because though they have a new name, the nature of ‘free spins’ has not actually changed at all.


Extra Spins
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