Casumo’s online casino comic – You are dead

Did you know that Casumo have produced their own online casino comic? They are the first online casino that have done this and it’s quite a fun feature and worth a read if you have the time.

Here’s one of their Zombie comics where one Casumo seems to die at the end – You’re dead man!

So in this comic strip the Casumos are watching a zombie movie (as we all like to do). After the movie has finished they decide to dress up as zombies for the fun of it. One of the characters put on some fake blood and draws some fake wounds with makeup. However, he quickly realizes that he shouldn’t have done it as one of the other Casumo characters plays the role of a zombie a bit too real and accidentally bites of part of the head of the Casumo character in the purple belt. Ouch, that must have hurt! Well, what can you do? Perhaps a no deposit bonus will cheer him up? We hope so at least.

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