Learning from Casino Comics #1

Growing up before the age of computers and internet, comics were a kid’s way of learning about the world and also escaping it. Even though it was Superman who kissed Louis Lane and The Joker that made a sick joke, we could all learn a little something from it and apply in our daily life (re-telling those Joker-jokes to your friends did not always work, though…). And even though it is much later in time, comics are a great way of learning about things. So here we have found some informational casino comics that work as good reminders when gambling online:

One of the best thing about gambling online is that you don’t need a good poker face. You can be over the moon when winning and a grumpy cat when loosing, people won’t be able to tell! This is also true for when experiencing an online casino live, there still is no camera on you! Get more information in our online casino guide.

Here is the thing about online casino, it is not a person. You can yell at it, threaten it, throw things at your computer screen, but it will not make a difference. So instead of wasting your energy at that, just enjoy the fact that you yourself can’t get robbed when leaving the casino.

Remember that you’re playing for the love of the game, even when it is high stakes.

Always be a penguin, even when you are losing. It makes for a better experience and life.


That’s it for now. Hope this helps you deal (hah!) with online gambling issues better. Until next time, have fun and play away!