Learning from Casino Comics #2

We are back with our second addition of what you can learn from casino comics! Comics are a great way of learning in a fun way and therefore we have picked a few comics related to the downsides that sometimes comes with gambling – when gambling becomes a negative outlet. These are things one should keep in mind when playing, to make sure the experience is a fun and enjoyable one!


There is a time and place for everything, also online gambling. With online gambling being so accessible these days one has to restrain oneself to playing only when fitting. That means not gambling on your phone during a wedding, or sitting on your computer when the family is over. Finding the right time and place also makes playing more enjoyable.

Here is a good reminder: You can never win back your self-respect. They only thing you can do is not to loose it in the first place. That means, do not ever bet your self-respect while gambling. An easy way not to do that is to not make it a part of the game to start with. Gambling is about having fun and getting some excitement in your daily life, not more than that.

Even dragons can lose their hot streak and when they do, sometimes it is best to stop for a while. The worst thing one can do is get stuck on a losing streak. With online casinos, it is easy just to continue playing, hoping that you will win back all the money that you have lost. It might sometimes become an obsession, leading to maybe borrowing money from a friend or family member. Do not ever do that. That is the stupidest thing one can. Do not play with money you do not have!

Speaking of losing streaks, a good way to cool down (actually not only after a losing streak but generally after gambling a lot) is to switch over to “Free Gambling”, where you only play for fun and not for money. Practically every online casino offers it and that is a big advantage of playing online instead of at a physical casino.


That is it for this edition. We hope that these comics might help with or at least remind you of some key things one needs to keep in mind when gambling. Remember, one wins at life when not being a bad loser.

Until next time!

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