How to win with free spins

Best Free Spins Strategies

It is no secret that online gambling has become something of a force of nature. With thousands of online casinos available to players from around the world, there is not a casino game in existence that cannot be enjoyed in the online environment. Among the most popular games to play are online slots, and the trend is only growing. Before you get into a game of slots at your favourite casino, though, there are a few things that you should know. The first is that almost every online casino gives out free spins to new players and it is important to know how to best use those spins to your advantage.


Things to be on the lookout for

When you want to get the most out of the free spins offered by online casinos, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is that the more you have, the better your chances are of getting the benefits that they bring. Since they are free spins, you do not lose anything for playing as many as you can possibly get your hands on. In fact, for every new set of free spins that you get, your chances of getting a win increase dramatically. That’s why it’s always a good idea to be on the lookout for casinos offering free spins and snatching them up as often as possible. That means, of course, that to take full advantage you should register to several online casinos to maximize your chances.

When it comes to which free spins you should accept, the answer is quite simple. If they are free, you should take them. However, there are some types of free spins that are more beneficial than others, so those end up being a better use of your precious time. Before you accept the free spins, you can look to see which slots the free spins will be available on, and what the wagering requirements are at the casino offering the spins. If the wagering requirements are low, that is great. It means that you won’t have to wait for very long before you can cash out. If there is no max cap, that is also a plus. The cap that some casinos put on the free spin offers can stop players from winning the larger jackpots and other harder-to-come-by wins.


Best Strategies


When it comes to strategies on slots, there are a couple of things that will always be important to consider. Some slots are known for being low variance, which means that players enjoy more wins, more often – although these wins are usually on the modest side. Others are high variance slots that pay much higher wins, but they hit less often. The theoretical return to player, known as RTP, is also important to pay attention to. The RTP is shown as a percentage, and the higher the percentage is, the closer a player can get to making their money back. Lucky ones, of course, make more than their money back and that happens more frequently on machines that have a high RTP.


Some popular strategies:

  • The Double Down: Bet all your free spins winnings on either Red or Black in Roulette. If you win, wager your free spins bonus on a high RTP slot (the reason we don’t want to continue to bet on Roulette is because table games and live casino usually don’t count towards the wagering requirements at all, or something small like 10%)
  • The High Variance All-in: Bet small on a super high variance slot like Dead or Alive, Bonanza, Danger High Voltage or Jack and the Beanstalk in hopes of winning more than 3000x your bet.
  • The RTP All-in: Go big or home with. Choose a high RTP slot like Blood Suckers and bet BIG. Split up your bankroll in 5-10 big bets and hope to get lucky so you’ll have enough money to wager your bonus.


A couple of variables to keep in mind

Casinos that have no wagering requirements are better for cashing out, since whatever you win you get to keep. Since the spins are free, it doesn’t hurt to go for the gusto and try for the big wins. High variance slots with high minimum per spin limits are great in these situations. Casinos that have a wagering requirement will often require you to complete a set number of wagers on the same machine that you had the free spins on. That means you should look for machines that are better known for paying out more regularly, such as low variance slots with high RTP levels. Going this route usually means that you should find slots with low per spin wagering limits.


Online slots are here to stay and they are only going to get more popular than they are today. That’s great news for players, but it also means there are going to be many variations in the types of slots and offers that can be found in all the various casinos around the world. Strategies that you follow should involve knowing what those differences are and making sure that your betting strategy matches the games that you are playing. After that, it’s only a matter of managing your bankroll and having fun!

Best Free Spins Strategies
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