The Game Trust at Crispy Gamer

The Game Trust team is composed of editorial games journalists at Crispy Gamer in charge of providing entertaining, yet genuine reporting of the video gaming landscape. The Game Trust team is composed of experts. I know you’re just as curious as the reader to know who the people are behind the Game Trust team, so without further ado, here they are!

  • Kyle Orland
  • Aaron Williams
  • Scott Jones
  • Tom Chick
  • Paul Semel
  • Harold Goldberg
  • Billy Berghammer
  • Scott Kurtz
  • Andrew Bub
  • Gus Mastrapa
  • Evan Narcisse
  • Steve Steinberg
  • Phil Theobald
  • Marc Saltzman
  • Scott Steinberg
  • Troy Goodfellow
  • Blake Snow
  • William Abner
  • David Chapman
  • David Long
  • Russ Fischer
  • Scott Johnson
  • John Keefer
  • Erin Bell
  • David Thomas
  • Steve Kent
  • Ryan Kuo
  • Uncle Crispy
  • Chris Buecheler
  • Alex Van Zelfden
  • GameCynic
  • Jason McMaster
  • James Fudge
  • Dan Hsu
  • John Sellers
  • Tom Ham
  • Mark Asher
  • John Gaudiosi

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