Mythbusters: The Truth Behind 10 Great Videogame Myths

In the world of games, there are some pretty neat myths that have consistently persisted through time. Well, it’s time that these myths be set straight and the truth revealed. Here’s a list of 10 of the great myths in the video gaming world and the truth to it:

  1. Jump over that iconic flagpole in the Super Mario Bros. game;
  2. A nude Lara Croft code concealed in the Tomb Raider;
  3. In Final Fantasy VII, Aeris can be revived when she dies;
  4. Defeat Sheng Long in Street Fighter II;
  5. In Super Mario 64, Luigi is hidden;
  6. Any who races using the Tails doll will suffer a curse in Sonic R;
  7. Pinball games on Sundays in Ocean City, NJ is illegal;
  8. Networked Playstation 2s were used as missile-guiding supercomputers by Saddam Hussein;
  9. Tons of VCS cartridges have been buried by Atari in the desert of New Mexico;
  10. An arcade game was said to be tested by the US Government, which brought about sickness in players.

Although there are some truths to some of the myths above, most have been busted!

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