Age of Ensemble, Part 1: A Titan Passes

With the announcement that Ensemble Studios will be closed down early next year, it is only fitting that it gets a proper send off. Ensemble Studios is credited for creating the best Age of Empires games.

Ensemble Studios started when Tony Goodman and Rick Goodman met then graduate student, Bruce Shelley in the early 1970s. Ten years forward, and Tony Goodman started Ensemble Corporation, a software company. Fast forward another five years, and he came up with a game subsidiary called Ensemble Studios.

All this while, both Goodmans and Shelley were in close contact with each other. Eventually Bruce Shelley turned his hobby into a career. It was during this time that Age of Empires came about. This game is the first ever historical-themed, real-time strategy video game.

Through time, the game’s development was continually extended with more features added. The group needed to sell 400,000 copies of Age of Empires to break even, but it exceeded expectations to sell more than 1,000,000 copies!

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