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Corpse Run 309: On the edge




The next livestream will be this Friday, May 10th at 10pm est!

The tenth at ten… crazy, right?  See you then!


Man, thing’s have been really Zelda-y lately, haven’t they?  I think this is the fifth Zelda related strip over the last month and a half.  Rich and I are nearing the end of our Skyward Sword run, so maybe the future will have some more variety.

Or I’ll just go back to making Borderlands themed strips.

Whatever I end up playing, I suppose.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand.  In Skyward Sword, Link flies around the world on the back of a big ol’ bird.  In order to mount it, Link needs to jump off whatever floating island he is on and whistle.

Except for a few conditions.

1.  Link must do a sprinting jump before being able to call his bird.  If he falls off an island, or is hanging and lets go, he is (for some reason) unable to whistle and needs to be rescued.

2.  Link can jump off of any flying island, but if a particular island has wooden plank… overhang… things, he must jump from one of those.  Jumping from anywhere else (even if it’s a sprinting jump) results in Link plummeting and requiring rescue.

This has led to a many annoying accidental “deaths.”  These deaths include, but are not limited to:

1.  Misjudging jump location distances:  Link starts sprinting too early and depletes his stamina meter just before jumping, causing him to awkwardly tumble into the sky.

2.  Incorrect trajectory while approaching jump platform:  When attempting to access a jump station from above, Link lands on the jump station handrail and jumps from there, causing him to awkwardly tumble into the sky.

3.  It’s nighttime:  Link cannot fly at night.  Seriously.  Attempting to fly at night causes Link to awkwardly tumble into the sky.

As far as I’m concerned, the bird shouldn’t really care where Link is whistling from, or the exact manner in which he found himself hurtling towards the earth… but he does, apparently.

Picky bird…




Hey guys, that was not funny. In my case, I look for logic in every matter. And yes we must use logic if we wanna be right. Here I do not see anything right!

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