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Corpse Run 293: The mark of stupidity




Hey guys, the next livestream will be this Friday, March 15th at 10pm est!  If you happen to have missed the the stream this week and wanted to see it, you can view it here: part 1  part2


I haven’t actually played Final Fantasy 13 in a while (nor do I think I’ll be playing it any time soon) but I did jot this strip down the last time I played it.  Above and beyond the rest of his peers, Sazh seems more concerned than anyone about becoming a l’Cie (short explanation: they’re marked as enemies of the planet and everyone wants them dead).  Early on in their journey of silliness he and Vanille break off from the group and decide to run away from their problems.

They run towards a supremely populated city with amusement park style attractions.

You know, a real low key place.

Then, in a stunning move, Sazh chooses not to button up his shirt, blatantly displaying the l’Cie mark on his chest for all to see.

I’m having trouble understanding that strategy.

So, Jackie’s whiskey party happened this weekend, and it was awesome!

We had whiskey BBQ ribs, whiskey meatballs, whiskey-lime chicken, whiskey black-bean dip, whiskey car-bomb cupcakes…

We also had whiskey.

Lots and lots of whiskey.

Rather than making the whiskey test this year, I got to take it, and I did pretty gosh darn well!  I scored an 85, good for third place out of ten test takers.  The general rule for the test was “if you don’t know the answer, you get partial credit for being funny.”

This led to some excellent answers from everyone.  For example, at one point we had to list the ingredients of an Alabama Slammer.  The oft-mentioned Rich and I were thinking along the same lines when answering:

Rich:  Whiskey, Vodka, Gin, Rum, and Football

Alex:  Whiskey, Club Soda, Roll Tide, Nick Saban, Failing Test Grades

I was also a big fan of Rich’s answer for “What does Jack Daniels filter their whiskey through?” to which he replied, “more Jack Daniels.”

There was a taste testing part of the exam, but we all pretty much bombed it.  Out of 9 beverages  tested (one of which was a palate cleanser), I only got three of them right: a cinnamon whiskey, Jim Beam, and the palate cleanser.

There were bonus points for guessing what the palate cleanser was, but we all failed to identify it.  I was super familiar with the flavor, but no name came to mind.  As it turns out it was watered down Vermouth.





My advise to one who will attend a party, drink moderately, and be sure that your tummy is full. - JustFab

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