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Corpse Run 292: Is that even legal?



Hey!  There’s gonna be a livestream this Friday, March 8th at 10pm est.  Crazy!  I’ll be doodling your suggestions and listening to Disney music and what-have-you, so come on down and check it out!  As always, I’ll finish up the night with some games.

You can view the stream either here or here.

See you then!


Man, that its been a while since I saw her, but that old lady seems to have it out for me.  I wonder what devious thing she’s gonna put me through next.

Seriously though, every once in a while when I’m on the Subway, there will be someone sitting down and knitting.  This seems incredibly dangerous to me.

Now, sure, whoever it is is probably being real careful, but… what if the train lurches? or stops suddenly? or moves in any other kind of unexpected way?

It doesn’t matter how careful someone is being, those needles are pointed upwards; someone could fall on the darn things if the train moves.  What if someone happens to just trip and fall?

Perhaps I’m being paranoid.


That said, I bet you anything that if I sat down on the train and started rubbing two knives together, no one would be ok with that.  The same thing should apply to knitting needles.

Or crochet thingies… I wouldn’t wanna fall face first on one of those, either.



Not only in subway one can find an old woman sitting down and knitting, you can also see them in a park, while these fellows are waiting for their kids playing. - JustFab

The disorder is called Sensory Integrative Disorder. Children with this disorder misperceive a variety of sensations associated with every day activities. Examples are: rejection of a food because of the texture, fear or negative reaction toward a harmless noise, rejection of an article of clothing because of its "feel".

Fridge Freezers allow you to keep a multitude of different food types at certain temperatures. One such temperature is regulated between 3 and 5 degree centigrade and is used for storing fruits, chilled water and vegetables. American style fridge freezers have a second temperature used for keeping ice.

Quite a bit different from the other three stories, My Wonderful Librarian follows the sexual awakening of Segawa, a somewhat average high school kid. He is in the library club with the cute and spunky Rika who acts much like the main female in Sundome, released by Yen Press. Rika loves watching Segawa masturbate in exchange for peaks at her naughty parts.

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It is interesting that unlike 'pocket civilizations', modern civilization, uniquely, has been formed by contribution of people from many 'pocket civilizations'. Parallel to it, women from different cultures have contributed to the formation of this civilization. In its discussion about the past, present and future of mankind, noting this discrepancy, the book 'Women's Power: Its Past, Its present, Its Future: Femocracy' recognises not only the contribution made by women from the west but by women from of other cultures as well..

If Les was feeling mean towards the other fellow, the look of astonishment was followed with one of pain as Les either smashed him or tipped him backwards for a Pindown. its a nice thought s were designed just for them. Another set of brothers who graced the ring in the 1970's were Tibor and Peter Zsakac.(Don't know if I've spelt the surname correctly.)Tibor was noted for his backhand chop to the throat to finish off his opponents as I recall.

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