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Corpse Run 288: This should be government subsidized




Just a heads up, there won’t be a stream this week; I’ll be out on a little ski trip with summer camp people!

Barring craziness, the streams will resume the following week.  See you then!


Man, Dan never understands why I do stuff.  Not even comic Dan… actual, real life Dan often feels the same way.

Suffice to say that, while I probably haven’t performed forty hours of boss farming in Borderlands 2, I have done a fair amount and probably need to slow down a bit and try another game for a while.  It’s just so gosh darn addictive, you know?




This game is not only for fun but also for us to be informed. It also tells us the status of out society and in games there is an application of reality. - Aldo Todini

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