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Corpse Run 235: Laundry Day



Right after seeing the movie, my friend Arno and I spent the rest of the day saying numerous Bane quotes based off of this line from the movie.  Quotes we spat out included:

“When the party is yours, you have my permission to cry.”

“When the chicken is seasoned, you have my permission to fry.”

“When you can neither do or do not, you have my permission to try.”

“When the stock market picks up, you have my permission to buy.”

“When the door is rusted shut, you have my permission to pry.”

“When someone says a lame pun, you have my permission to sigh.”

And, of course, the quote used in the comic above.




I wondering, considering the weather, which is the best clothes to go next week intro trip to Chicago and after to Paris ?

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This post is hilarious!! I love the drawing and the humor! Great job!



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Interesting, the last word of each quote has the same sound. I wonder what was the title of the movie then, or was it a comedy? - Thaddeus Heffner

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