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Corpse Run 225: Your award is still buffering



So… yeah.  What’s up with that, Youtube?  It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, lemme tell you: it’s such a pain in the butt, a miniature slap in the face of my desire for quick, cheap entertainment.

Life still continues up at camp, and while everything is still going off pretty much without a hitch, there are a few guffaw worthy events that have gone on…

We have church services every Sunday at the camp, and, while you guys know I am possibly one of the least religious people on the planet, I enjoy the ceremony immensely.  Sure, I’m not really into the content of the service, but our “chapel” is actually a miniature amphitheater built in the middle of the woods, which is really neat and super beautiful.

As gorgeous as the location is, it isn’t without it’s drawbacks, namely the excessive heat.  During the service, a large portion of the kids sitting in direct sunlight made multiple attempts to move into the sparse shade, but the cooler areas quickly became overcrowded, and the slow footed were forced to stand in the sun.


A log rolled out of place and hit a rock or something.


Oh man, did that log hit someone?


That was no log… that was a kid who, after way to much sun exposure, fainted and dropped to the ground.  In the ensuing moments, walkies were yelled into, the Gator was driven, the nurse was alerted… the perfect medical response you’d expect from a well trained group of counselors.  Heck, the priest didn’t even miss a beat and kept going.

Once we knew the girl was totally fine and uninjured.  I turned to Dan and said, “Man, if that camper did something this week that she was guilty about, I bet fainting in church really helped her faith.”




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