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Corpse Run 169: He knows the mayor of Boston



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Chances are that you have seen or at least heard about Paul Christoforo and how he single-handedly destroyed his career in just 24 hours two days ago.

A list of links to the major story points can be found here on Reddit, courtesy of Redditor "SecretObsession".

For a super condensed explanation of what happened, this Paul Christoforo fellow is a PR rep who was super rude to a customer who had ordered some controllers, which hadn't shipped and now looked as if they never would.

Initially, Christoforo threatened to cancel the guy's order and sell the controllers on Ebay. When the customer said he would send the emails to sites like Kotaku and Penny Arcade, Christoforo started name dropping saying that he knew everyone in the industry, and seeking help wouldn't provide any assistance.

Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade got involved, and was initially ridiculed by Christoforo, until he realized who Krahulik was. Upon learning that he ran into a guy with some actual pull, Christoforo was apologetic.

Naturally, Krahulik wasn't having any of that, and posted the exchange at Penny Arcade.

Things haven't been going so well for Mr. Christoforo since then, as you might imagine, and he has been deleting posts on his facebook, changing his company name on twitter, etc. Within hours, he became internet enemy #1, much in the way GoDaddy did recently (a note on GoDaddy in a moment)

While I often mentally groan when customers ask inane questions, customer service is pretty important to me, and I feel like this guy could have avoided a whole lot of pain (I can't imagine him getting another job in PR ever again)

Back to the GoDaddy thing real quick: the new website I'm transferring everything to is happening in no small part because of GoDaddy's support of SOPA. I'm a little slow when it comes to these things, but I'll be transferring Corpse Run away from GoDaddy as soon as I can.




So what if he knew the mayor of Boston? Too bad, he can't use that influence on us. - JustFab

Oh, and what registrar are you using? I know that GoDaddy's pulled it support, but again, looking into the CEO, the guy's a douche and I really don't wanna be financially supporting the guy. Oh and get this, now GoDaddy's completely 180'd and offically opposes SOPA. They should know in the business world, don't back legislation if you aren't fully aware of the consequences.

It wasn't until I read this on Wed that I heard anything about the whole Paul Christoforo incident, but man, it sure did make for a fun read! I spend most of Wed night and again looked over it all yesterday, the guy's a joke, and I have lots of respect for Mike at Penny Arcade especially after all that. I think what irritated most of us is he still never got it, his apologies were always spun to try him look like the victim and showed no remorse other than his getting caught.

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