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Corpse Run 161: Show vs. Tell



Once again, I'm typing to you from the wee hours of the morning. On an unrelated note, the funeral for my sleep schedule will be held next Sunday at 8:30pm. All are welcome.

As time goes on the questions and comments I get, while incredibly stupid, faze me less and less. I come into work every day knowing that something ridiculous will happen. Derek Jeter one day, "broken" devices the next... I'm waiting for someone to streak across the store, because at this point, everything else is pretty tame.

That said, the above interaction did occur today, and only god knows how her TV being made of "black plastic" would lead me in the right direction.

Maybe I'm just the one that's crazy. It seems like the only logical conclusion these days.




Sometime it puzzle me what word do I used show or tell. I really do not know how this word fit in a sentence. - Trident University

Will do!


I hope your retail experence wasn't too bad.  As wacky as the stuff I've been through as been, I've heard some real horror stories that (thankfully) I was never a part of.

You shouldn't worry about the comments. I specifically made this username to say this even though I'll probably never use it again, because I think this comic (as a whole, not just this particular strip) is awesome. The comments on any site tend to be absolutely awful and not worth anyone's time to read.

Also, I've worked in retail, both electronic and books, and I totally feel your pain.

So don't worry, and keep up the great work.

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