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Corpse Run 096: Hats off to you



It seems like the theme for Team Fortress 2 for about a year or so has been hats. Hats hats hats. New update? Hats. New items? Hats! Hats hats hats hats hats hats hats. Did I mention that TF2 has had a lot of hats recently?

Well, apparently hats are too mainstream. That's right, now the new thing is no hats. Jeez, hats are too trendy, everyone has them now.

So last update I mentioned that Corpse Run has it's own forum! We only have a handful of members so far, so join up and talk about videogames, comics, arts & farts, whatever your pleasure! Be one of the first!

Something that I don't talk about too often is my love for all things musical theater. Now before you say, "Alex, there's no way that someone can love videogames, football, and Broadway," I will admit that my tastes aren't normal. That said, there are people out there who love watching bone-crunching hits and musicals equally.

As I mentioned on my twitter recently, and in last week's newspost, I stomached watching the Hoff perform the titular role in Jekyll and Hyde. The show itself wasn't too bad, but Mr. Hoff just didn't have the pipes to reel me in. I spent a while searching for other actors performances, and eventually came to this.

Anthony Warlow kills it. The good kind of kills it. I must have listened to this version thirty times.

Finally, my roommate made chili tonight. I think I'm going to walk around with a roll of toilet paper tomorrow. Yes, you did need to know this.





Probably haven't heard of them. That is why you should be abreast with all the things going on around you. - James Stuckey

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