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Corpse Run 079: Priorities


I first did the websearch mockup as "Shmoogle," finished it, and was about to upload it when it hit me that "Moogle" was not only more elegant, but gaming related to boot. Why it took me so long to realize that, I haven't the slightest.
From the "Overheard at Work" department:
1. "Man, you know a lot about TVs, you musta went to college, like the best one, you know, Hartford and shit."
2. "I can see the subtle differences between the screens, I make bras, so I'm accustomed to seeing the same boobs over and over again, just slightly different each time."
Speaking of work, just wanna give a shoutout to Eddie M, who is slowly becoming a huge Corpse Run fan.


This is nice. I really laugh out loud in this post. - JustFab

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