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CM4: Stuff Stockings… with Style

While gaming may have been birthed from an unholy rite of Cheetos-fingers (TM), carpal tunnel syndrome and John Romero's hair, it's long since grown up into a sophisticated and classy adult.  As such, it’s about time the look and feel of our gaming equipment has grown up with it.  Perhaps it’s a desperate attempt to validate our favorite pastime – or perhaps it’s our desire to differentiate ourselves from the vulgarity-spouting 12 year olds still clutching their Wii's while giggling at pixelated mammaries – but one way or another, those of us gamers who want to show off a touch of class often struggle to find it in today’s gaming culture.

This is where CM4 steps in, and if it's sophistication that we crave, we need look no further than their leather-bound, tightly crafted Catalyst line of cases and covers.  I got a chance to try out their Wii-mote cover, and I have to say, it wouldn't look out of place in a downtown penthouse or at a wine-and-cheese party.  Truth be told, with a bit of CM4 class I wouldn’t be embarrassed to have my Wii paraphernalia lying around when inviting a girl in for the first time – and I pretty much define the term “closet gamer”.

CM4 isn’t only focused on looks, of course.  I spoke at length with CM4’s COO Matt Altschul, who explained the rigorous design and testing process that went into each product.  I’m generally skeptical of anyone who’s trying to sell me something, but I have to admit, his statements stand against the most important test of all – irresponsible Wii-mote swinging, banging, and getting kicked out onto the street (incidentally that also comprises my average Saturday night).  Wii jokes aside, it’s made from quality materials, and sturdy to boot.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that it feels lean and smooth, offering a sharp contrast to Nintendo’s clunky silicone alternative.  It’s built out of perforated fabric, allowing for breathability, as well as comfy synthetic leather.  The wrist strap is adequately comfortable as well, and slides on and off with ease.  Most importantly, it’s a snug fit for the Wii-mote (no jokes this time, I promise).

As a final note, the case zips open and closed for easy battery access.  This may not sound like an important detail, until you realize that Nintendo failed to take this into consideration with their case, which requires a painstaking tug-of-war to remove the remote and put in new batteries.

With their Catalyst product line, the folks at CM4 have added class to gaming.  There’s an obvious attention to detail when observing the design of their cases, which are simultaneously comfortable, durable, and provide basic utility which some other companies have overlooked.  Although I can only personally vouch for the Wii-mote case, as it is the only one I’ve had a chance to test out, I can definitely say that it’s a great buy for anyone looking to secure their hardware while adding a touch of sophistication to their game room decor.

The Wii-mote with Motion Plus case reviewed in this article can be purchased on CM4’s online store for $9.99 (or two for $14.99), and comes in Black, Grey, Red, and Pink.  CM4 also makes cases for the Nintendo DSi, DSi XL, and the Sony PSP Go.  The CM4 online store, as well as more information on other products can be found at

Also: Head over to CM4’s Facebook page to see their Catalyst products pitted against a slew of hazards, including flamethrowers and a belt sander… love or hate their products, there’s something for everyone here.



This is a good gadget. I want to buy this one. It has good features actually. - JustFab


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