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“Deadliest Catch” Captain Sig Hansen Wants You to Become a Crab Fisherman

The chaos on shore has subsided as Captains Sig Hansen and Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand settled their legal disputes just in time for the new season of crab fishing. Their boats, the Northwestern and the Time Bandit, are currently experiencing the chaos of the Bering Sea. All three of those captains and their boats will be in the new Deadliest Catch: Chaos at Sea Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii game shipping this November from Crave Entertainment.

For lifelong fisherman Hansen, this marks his second videogame expedition. He developed am Xbox 360 and PC game through Liquid Sky (a company he co-founded) called Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm. This new game is being backed by the Discovery Channel as well as Crave Entertainment, which should give it a better chance at finding the mainstream audience that has made the TV series a hit.

“Deadliest Catch” enjoyed its best ratings in history thanks to the overwhelming support from fans, and the media, surrounding the death of beloved Captain Phil Harris last season. Gamers will now be able to compete against the show captains in the new videogame, which blends simulation and action for a unique experience. Players will learn what it’s like to run a crab boat in the new game, which includes online support for fans to connect and compete before the new series of “Deadliest Catch” hits the airwaves in April 2011. Captain Sig sat down and talked about the new game in this exclusive interview.

How involved were the captains in this new game?

Well, a lot of the guys, the captains, were a part of the game, so that's what made it kind of fun, 'cause everyone gets to participate. We get to put our thoughts into what we think will be fun and mix it up a little. So, it's good.

Did you ever think as a captain that you'd actually be able to participate in the gaming world?

No, I did not. I didn't think I'd be at a big convention center doing this, but I mean it's fun! We got one life to live, and we're living it.

Tell us what's going on with the realism of the game and how you feel it portrays what goes on in your life as a sea captain.

Well, it's all about strategy. So for me as a captain, it's all strategy. I'll lie, cheat, steal, whatever I have to do to make money. That's my job. And so anybody that watches the show that can appreciate that will appreciate the game, and then you can lie, cheat, steal and be a bad boy too. Or girl.

The game allows you to pick your crew and offers stats on each crew member. Is that what it’s like for you as a captain deciding who will sail with you?

You've done your homework, haven't you? Yeah, in real life, your crew is everything. Without a good crew, you're done. Just takes one bad apple, and you are done. So, it's important, and you bring that in the game, great. You bring strategy to the game, great. Add a couple of waves and wind and see if you can find the crab, and the fact that people appreciate the show for what it is and our work ethic behind it, it says volumes. And so now a guy can actually do this on his couch--not freezing!

In the game you talk about superstitions. Where does that come from?

Oh, man, that goes back for generations. Hundreds of years. It's always been there. Even me as a kid, growing up, my grandfather, he's from Norway, and he was always telling me weird superstitious things like that, and it gets embedded in your mind. And then you get to Dutch Harbor, and that whole thing is there. It's all part of fishing. I don't care what port you're from, there is something about it. It's like sports—hockey guys are really into superstition. Most sports people are, for some reason. But we take it to another level, you know. We do.

It's just in your blood then.

Yeah, but God help you if you do something that we we don't agree with as far as that superstition goes. You're off the boat.

But men can fall overboard on this game.

Yeah, just no death. We want to keep it for everybody and...look, we're trying to keep it as real as we can without getting too real on it. I mean I like the visual effects they have, I like the competition, there's a lot of new games they put in there to make it fun and energize it, so I think it's a game for everybody. It's not the hard-core gamer. This is for someone that's a fan of the show or appreciates the show, and kinda wants to simulate that.

Do you play any other games besides having to figuring out how this one works?

I mean, we'll do the apps and all that, and my kids have all the games in the world, so we've done the Wii and all that. And I try to do it with the kids, I really do. It's just that I get irritated because I like to win.

How good are your kids at gaming?

They're little girls, so we have our dilemmas at home when it comes to the videogame thing. I have to learn how to back off, and it's hard to do.


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