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Undead Nightmare Trailer & Very Brief Impressions


If you haven't already seen or played it...

This is the best DLC I've ever played. It has an entirely alternate last third of the game (I hear 6 hours in length) with its own storyline and cutscenes, and is very atmospheric. I had old-school Resident Evil fear, hoping I didn't run out of bullets or get surrounded. I can't wait to see what happened to all the main characters, and to try the multiplayer.


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I hated that damn laughing dog! -_-

I tried real hard to get into Red Dead Redemption. I loved the setting and the characters were somewhat interesting. But, I just could not get over the feeling that every quest still felt like the stale Grand Theft Auto formula: Go to red dot. Chase/kill the red dot.

I have to say though, I loved shooting crows with the revolver. It was as though I was playing a new-age updated Duck Hunt. And this time, if there was a dog, I could kill it.

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