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Why I Don't Think There Is A "Playstation" Phone


A very convincing photo of a Sony Ericson gaming phone has surfaced this week with site after site calling it confirmation of a "Playstation Phone."

I have doubts, though.

The Playstation brand has had several leaks over the past couple of years, namely the PS3 Slim and PSP Go, but even on photos of leaked prototypes there have been some form of Playstation logo. This Sony phone does not; instead it has an "S" logo.

The menu button below the D-Pad is different than that of the Playstation brand's logo button that brings up the Xross Media Bar - a symbol that's unified across the PS3 and PSP Go systems (The PSP-3000 has a "Home" button, but the logo is still present on the system's case).

Sure, these things could have been done for prototype use only in a weak effort to throw off anyone who discovered it, but like I said: the other leaked prototypes have had a PS logo.

Of course, there is still the question of why there would be Playstation face buttons and the PSP's L and R shoulder buttons included. Easy: the phone is still by Sony, and Sony owns the Playstation brand. They can legally utilize parts of the Playstation system in any piece of hardware they create, can't they?

Of course, there is also the Playstation controller logo in the screenshots of the menu. I don't really have a defense for that, except that the controller image is associated with Sony's gaming enterprise.

My thought is that this is obviously a Sony gaming phone, but with stronger and stronger rumors of developers having a PSP2 it wouldn't make sense for Sony to develop a PSP successor AND a phone at the same time.

I see this with two possibilites: 1) This gaming phone will indeed have its own gaming marketplace but will not carry the Playstation brand, or 2) I'm completely wrong and it is actually a Playstation phone alternative to the PSP Go (since the design is nearly identical), and it will play everything the Go can as well as make calls and use Android apps. On top of that, it would have exclusive games, since it has that mini-trackpad in the center of the control pad (perfect for flinging some Angry Birds, perhaps?).

For more screenshots, visit Engaget's photo gallery.


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