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Left 4 Dead's "The Sacrifice" will give players a chance to retcon the events of the last add-on

October 5th will see the release of the next big add-on for the Left 4 Dead series. The prequel to the add-on mission “The Passing” which saw the cast of both games meeting for the first time and the tragic death of one of the original crew; “The Sacrifice” will change things up a little. Unlike “The Passing”, which was an add-on for Left 4 Dead 2 (L4D2) only, “The Sacrifice” will be available for both games. The events of “The Sacrifice” will tell of the events that lead to “The Passing” from the POV of the original characters. The big draw here, other than it being a new L4D level, is that it will allow players to decide which of the original characters gets to sacrifice themselves for the good of the other 3. So for all you Bill fans out there, his death (it’s been 5 months so no bitching about spoilers) is no longer guaranteed. Personally though, I intend to kill Bill (hehe) every time I play the game. Zoey’s got breasts, Francis is funny, and Louis is the only “normal guy” in the cast for me to relate to. So yeah, the creepy old crazy guy has got to go.

So why play “The Sacrifice” on L4D1 vs. L4D2?  Well, because the L4D1 version gives you the “Sacrifice” campaign and maps for versus and survival, while the L4D2 version gets the campaign (playable as the original character), the original L4D1 “No Mercy” campaign, and the versus, survival and scavenge maps for both. Either way, both are supposed to feature the special infected undead, items and weapons from L4D2.

So expect to see this baby hit X-Box LIVE and the PC in the next few weeks. It’ll cost 560 Microsoft points if you’re a console junkie, but it’ll be free for the PC crowd. Why is if free for PC gamers? Because Valve loves us more.


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