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Own Your Own R2-D2

First, they licensed "Droid."  Now, they've gone all in and licensed R2-efffin'-D2!

That's right folks, a new limited edition R2-D2-themed Droid is dropping from Motorola on September 30th.  A white base, with a full R2 back, and a standard Droid 2 running Android 2.2 under the hood.

If you didn't have enough reason to buy a Droid, you sure do now.  Get news as soon as it breaks at Verizon's official site.


Yeah, not surprised. Lucas'll sell out the moment he sniffs money. The man practically invented merchandising. Though I'd hope that the R2-D2 droid is more than just a white case and a paintjob on the back. It seems like it would be an oppertunity to have some fun. Maybe include some SW based apps designed special for the phone.


Of course silly me, that would require extra effort.

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