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Sims Medieval: If my sim dies of the plague, what color will the ghost be?


EA announced recently that the next big Sims game (that isn’t technically an expansion) will put players in control of their own medieval fantasy kingdom, and all the dirty, plague ridden, little quasi-European peasants they could ever hope for. EA’s announcement hints that rather than being either a lone sequel or spin-off, The Sims Medieval may be part of an entirely new Sims series. The Sims Medieval is expected to hit the shelves sometime next year unless it happens to get delayed for some reason. But that shouldn’t be a problem, as what are the chances that the release date on an EA game could get pushed back due to delays?

According to EA, Sims Medieval will give players the opportunity to create heroes, ride off on quests, build up and control the destiny of a kingdom, and control every sim in the land. Players will be able to control sim kings, queens, knights, wizards, blacksmiths and bards. The various quests available supposedly play out differently based on which sim players use to complete them.

An aspect of the game that has me interested is the mention of kingdom management and military expansion. I’m a big fan of nation building games and that’s exactly what this game is beginning to sound like. So far Sims games have all followed the same style of gameplay, and what they’ve hinted at in the announcement would seem to indicate that this new Sims game might deviate from the norm a bit. I’m actually quite interested in seeing if EA can pull this one off.

They haven’t revealed a whole lot of new information about this title, but as more information is leaked, we’ll be covering it here at Crispy Gamer.


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